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Funko POP: It's a Small World (Japan)

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

#POP comes in again for another addition this year! This time around, it's from the Disneyland ride: "It's a Small World". Anyways, let's get into the POP, shall we?

Glad this isn't a Disney park exclusive! It's actually quite common, although the first time I saw it, I grabbed it. Japan will always have a soft spot for me so this one was a must! The box is also a homage to the ambiance of the ride this POP is based on. Done quite well, to be honest.

I have to see who/what else is in this series. There are other countries that interest me. But this is the first time I came across the series so... there's that.

The hair, the kimono, and all! It's definitely representing Japan. I can dig the simplicity. She's got a pretty calm pose which doesn't take anything away from this figure. There's not a lot of sculpting but where there is work, it definitely hits the mark. The obi is done well enough, the geta is recognizable, and all in all, it doesn't need a lot of heavy work in this area. Again, simple, but that's what it's supposed to be for this POP's case.

The obi is adorable

The coloring really hits it off too. The colors are warm but definitely contrast against each other to really make this Japanese gal really stand out. The hair, while dominant thanks to it being black, adds a background for the kimono's color and pattern. Then the blue obi really gives a final touch.

While there are few words for description, I do believe this is a worthy addition. It's more or less nostalgia for me and the love for the country and the things it has brought to me in regards to my fandom. As a POP, well, I can recommend her to those who are adamant about collecting this set or has the same mindset as me. Don't expect extravagance though. Simple, quaint, but definitely homage to the ride it is representing. I adore it for sure.

Until Next Time!

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