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Funko POP: Jun the Swan

Hey! Another #POP! This time it's Jun from a very old anime called "G-Force" (or Gatchaman in Japan). I've always liked this character for reasons, so to get her in a POP, it's no surprise. So, let's get on with the review.

To be perfectly honest, it has been a LONG time since I watched the anime and truth to be told, some of it is pretty out dated. But when I watched it, I always had my eye on Jun--of course I would, right? And the anime was fun. I was into the Voltron/Bioman(Power Rangers-ish) genre back in the day and "G-Force" fit that mold quite well. No giant robots though.

Doubtful I'm getting any done else from this set, but hey, they all look pretty cool.

Now there's nothing fancy about Jun's costume--or the others' in her team, in fact, they were all 'uniformed' to kind of fit the theme of being Sentais (but more leaning on a bird idea) but Jun's is a bit more unique because it has the 'feminine' flare which, of course, I gravitate towards. She has the thigh high boots, the mini skirt, the light and warmer colors, and the helmet (again going in sync with her teammates), is also something I adore. I think Funko did a fine job replicating all that anime look into this piece. The pose also quite captures Jun's essence--the sexy but s strong stance and the yoyo in her hands, can't complain really.

And while in the rear shot it's all white, there's actually quite a bit of vibrant colors that Funko really took from Jun's anime self. The green hair/eyebrows, although covered by the opaque-orange-ish beak, is still present. I like that attention to detail.

I don't have any of her anime counter parts nor do I have any that I can remotely put next to her. Though I suppose I could have put the POP White and the Pink Ranger huh? Oh well!

I'm not going to say that she is a must, but I do like this character. She's under represented for understandable reasons but she is a small part of my childhood so I am happy to have her in my collection. Funko did the right details to keep her faithful to her anime counterpart so that's a win.

Until Next Time!

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