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Funko POP: Keqing (Genshin Impact)

Updated: Feb 24

Before I say anything, I just want to point out that finding POPs in the wild for a cheaper price is always satisfying. Though it comes with a ... price? Well, this Keiqing POP came with a very mangled box.

So Genshin Impact still has a very strong fanbase. Clearly, a lot of their appeal applies to the waifu material they push out. And they are continuing to push more even though the line of beautiful gals and boys is already extensive! With that said, I have my favorites (Ganyu, Momiya, Mona, Amber, Yae, Raiden), and Keiqing over here isn't on my top, but I'll take a Genshin Impact POP! Even if the box is all torn up! I do wish they consistently push out more Genshin Waifus! I'll collect the majority of them and I'm sure I'm not the only one who shares that statement!

The torn box definitely helped the price. The figurine itself wasn't damaged so a price cut close to fifty percent is something I'm willing to take.

She's a bobblehead!

Genshin Impact characters have the most complicated outfits and that is being nice. They even topple Final Fantasy characters' extensive need for aesthetics. So any merchandise, fanart, commissions, or anything that has to do with replicating a character's design requires some patience and attention to detail. Funko has all those barriers and also the hurdle of being able to translate all of that into their POP-stylized form. With Keiching, I believe they succeeded. The design of this purple-haired gal is for the most part- present. The complex top and all the small details, the tights and the elegant shoes, it's all present. The hair is also as accurate as can be given the fact that hairstyle is not POP's strongest suit. I will also point out that the pose makes her stand out. The stance, the way Keiching is holding her sword (the sword itself has its own intricacies that they were able to replicate), and then the added energy effect beneath her feet. I'd say they nailed the sculpting and the accuracy as much as possible.

One can appreciate the details placed! One can notice it through this profile! The hairclip on her hair, the frills on her skirt, and everything else! I'm sure artists are in pain every time they attempt/to get a commission with Genshin characters.

The coloring is amazing. Definitely another strong point of this POP. With the many different colors flying around Keiqing's outfit, I have to give it to Funko for pulling it all together. The shades of blue, purple, and the contrasting skin tone are just a nice combination--not to mention the choice of plastic for the energy effect. All are properly executed. NO complaints here.

Here is POP Keiqing next to APEX: Ganyu. I know! Not the same category but one can still appreciate both attempts at replicating Genshin Impact's complicating character designs! I think they both succeed!

Amazing price point. Fantastic pose. Details are there. Coloring falls in the spectacular area. I'd say for any Genshin fans out there, this is a good addition to your collection. As a POP, I'd say she is worth it. I'd say as a case study for what Funko is trying to do, there's a win in this department. I'm pretty happy!

Until Next Time!

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