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Funko POP: Kitana MK X (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

MORTAL KOMBAT! While I haven't been in touch with Mortal Kombat for some time, I still remember characters like Kitana whom I always adore. She has gone through major changes since her first appearance and I figure her POP appearance would be one of the best way to look at her intricate design.

It's almost a funny thing putting a morbid and oblivion-like setting with a POP, but it is Mortal Kombat, after all.

When I was young, I used Kitana and Raiden a lot. I might be tempted to get him, but to complete the Ninja brothers, I will definitely get Scorpion. And there is an Exclusive version!

The posture is Kitana like. She's showing off her fans while standing with her hips popped one side as if to show both her sexiness and her exceptional skill to kick some serious Liu Kang butt.

Kitana's design in MKX is interesting. It's half impractical and all sexy for a warrior princess like Kitana. Though the designs are pretty cool and for a POP, she does have some interesting aesthetics.

Especially think that dalmask design . From this angle, there are some messy paint job, but for the most part, it's pretty good. The blue odd light blue tint for a Mortal Kombat character is kind of out of place but it is rather odd so in more ways than one, it is definitely inaccurate. As one can tell, she's got a darker theme going on towards the right. Unless of course, the light blue is the alternate color in-game.

Kitana is a nice addition. This is my first Mortal Kombat paraphernilia. I don't think I'll go as far adding more. I'm just, more or less, a #POP collector. Cool pose, inaccurate color, and a nice looking character, it's a decent catch.

Until Next Time!

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