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Funko POP: Mandolorian & the Child

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

A #POP! Who would've known? This time around, we have a Star Wars POP, something that you don't see in my collection. POP or any other, I don't have any Star Wars in my collection. But this was a special gift and the Mandalorian has a lot of prestige behind it so here we go!

I do need to watch this show. Again, heard plenty of great things about it so I feel it's worth doing so. But even if I don't, this POP is something worth having because I do like Mandalorian's design. Also, there's Grogu, or the "child". Unless I get gifted more Star Wars POP though, I feel like this might be it. Probably none from this set. Maybe. I mean, with all the POP I have this is all the Sar Wars I have so far!

One of the coolest things about the Mandalorian's outfit is the helmet. Having it highlighted through POP form definitely does this figurine a lot of favors! I love the sculpting done that makes the helmet really lock in with its cinematic counterpart. The body armor and all its gimmicks aren't something to shy away from either. They are mostly present and the little sculpting is all done well. Of course, there's also Grogu/Baby Yoda which has its cute features present as well. And one of my favorite things about POPs: is the unique figure stand, represented by Mando's jetpack omitting fire to blast them off, it's also done quite well. A dynamic pose but still neutral enough to show most of the characters' prominent features.

The metallic shine on Mando's armor is really nice looking. Really gives it the 'steel' shine that it needs to make it look like an authentic metal. The bells and whistles of his armor also have variations of color, and with the Child a contrast with his bright green skin, it's a good mix. The translucent plastic for the fire coming out of his jetpack is also a nice choice! I do like POP stands that aren't just plain white plastic. The colors are all well done! No complaint from me.

I don't normally use the background but this one is too good to waste.

Star Wars POPs have a thing or adding the logo on the stands.

As my first Star Wars POP, it's definitely a good start. He's not the timeless Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker but Mandalorian has a quality that a lot of Star Wars property hasn't retained in a long while. Happy to have him for sure! I won't go out of my way to get more Star Wars POP but for sure this one gives me a good insight in case I do.

Until Next Time!

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