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Funko POP: Naryu (ESO Morrowind)

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

While I'm not a huge fan of games like Elder Scrolls or Final Fantasy being turned into online MMOs, I can appreciate some of their aspects like the character designs. with that said, I can find some satisfaction with some of their merchandise. POP Naryu is an example of that. Let's get on with the review of this POP!

Morrowind was a very popular Elder Scroll before I got into Western RPGs. Oblivion was my gateway to non-JRPG role playing games, which, honestly, as great as everyone says Morrowind is/was (and I believe them), I think I'm at the point of my gaming life that I think graphics and dated gameplay will jar my gaming satisfaction. ESO's gameplay doesn't appeal to me 100% either, but like I stated, at least there are some cool things that comes out of it like new cut scenes, some cool characters, and merchandise of #POPs like Naryu and others. They also come out with some Elder Scroll friendly boxes. The font for the #Elder_Scrolls will always be welcome too especially in a POP box!

I own another one from this set (I'll obviously compare in a bit), other than that I do not believe I'll buy the other ones. Though if that Dwemer machine resembled the Centurion from the #Skyrim, it would probably a must have.

Those red eyes! Dunmers are known for their crimson eyes so they are one of the more prominent features in a POP when it comes to a Dark Elf. As far as Naryu goes, I like how she turned out. I don't know much about her other than how she was featured in the cut scene, but she does represent the 'standard stereotype' (mostly good, mind you) of a Dark Elf: fast, agile, dual wielding, stealthy, and relies on some sort of magic skill. The sculpting that goes on her is pretty good since #Funko took great care in making sure her Dunmerian leather armor retains most of its leather straps, paddings, and quirks even in its stylized POP form. It absolutely looks as much as it can from the game/trailer and that is always an awesome achievement especially when we are going from a 'normal' source material to a very stylized one like Funko POPs.

Her pose isn't as dynamic nor does it have the flare I thought she should have. Still, it's neat. She has both daggers out with a semi ready for battle stance.

Color wise, Naryu's colors isn't something to gawk over. I honestly think that her earth tone armor coloring looks better in-game because it blends it just right. She looks a little dull in POP form, but it's not something to say against the way the action figure was made it's more or less the design of the character. But again, in the trailer, Naryu's Morag Tong outfit had more flare, more or less.

Here is Naryu next to my other POP Elder Scroll figures: Vivec and a Daedra. I do intend to own more POP or other action figures of Elder Scroll related characters. They just have to meet the price and the 'theme' of my collection.

Well, that's it for POP Naryu. I may have talked about her being lackluster, and honestly, she's not exactly the MUST HAVE for a POP. Though as an addition to my Elder Scrolls POP, she's pretty good. She's also fetching for a GOOD price here and there so worth to check out. She has a good enough pose, her details are there, and she's a dunmer! Naryu's also a Morag Tong, so that's something for all you lore hungry folks! At any rate, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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