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Funko POP: Ranger Slayer (MMPR 30th Anniversary)

Thought we were done with Power Rangers, eh? Well, no, no we're not! It's still 2023, you know and that means the 30th MMPR anniversary continues! The show must go on!

The Ranger Slayer. Product of the popular Multiverse storyline. To be honest, I didn't read the Shattered Grid storyline with Lord Drakkon. All I know is that the Ranger Slayer was a mind-controlled twisted version of Kimberly Hart who was forced to do unimaginable things to fellow Rangers across the Multiverse. She eventually broke free and formed her own team where she teamed up with other Rangers from alternate timelines to help save the Shattered Grid--or something like that. She became a popular character that she got her own other set of merchs, fanart, and, of course, a POP of her. On the 30th anniversary too! Imagine that. She's that popular to be included in such a monumental celebration!

Crazy to me still for a brand new character to get this much attention... shows how popular the multiverse and all its creations can be, eh?

Another POP that gets the unique stand treatment

The Ranger Slayer's design is just plain sick! It's definitely darker and edgier than Kimberly Hart's usual look in her MMPR days, right? She has a lot of uniqueness to her that plays homage to her original MMPR suit. Other than the colors inverted, the most prominent design changes are the more defined helmet, the cape, the shoulder pad, and the 'armored' look to her limbs. At one glance, one can recognize a Pink Ranger but something is obviously off. All of these quirks easily translate to her POP form and I'm pretty happy that Funko was able to sculpt the design. The pose is also quite complimenting. I love how she is holding her bow implying that she just took or shot--or maybe just took the shot. Love the cape 'flowing' behind her too, adding a bit more dynamic to an otherwise static pose. And the helmet design with the pterodactyl motif portruding which definitely gives her that sinister look. This ain't your sweet valley girl Kimberly that you had a crush on for sure!

This angle shows off more of Ranger Slayer's cool factor, eh?

The paint job is actually pretty well done. There are some imperfections but it's not big enough to call out. The black really meshes well with the pink used for Ranger Slayer. No real complaint. Definitely a winning area for this POP.

Here is POP Ranger Slayer next to POP Pink Ranger MMPR 30th and POP Pink Ranger. Definitely an obvious difference in design. Also, the difference in the Pink color between the Ranger slayer and her Pink Ranger counterparts is nicely done.

I wouldn't say she is a must but I also wouldn't say pass her up if one is a huge Power Rangers fan/Pink Ranger fan. She definitely is not just another Pink Ranger and the design from the comic books really translated well as a POP. Definitely not a negative thing if one chooses to pick her up. I'm happy.

Until Next Time!

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