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Funko POP: Scarlet Spider (Across the Spiderverse)

Ah! The Scarlet Spider POP! I've wanted this for a while now. I was one of the rare ones that actually enjoyed the clone saga despite the many downfalls of that arc. I like Ben Reilly and both outfits he came with (Scarlet Spider & his Spider-Man suit) definitely came with their own intrigue. I have yet to see Across the Spiderverse as I type this however I do want to see Ben's contribution to mainstream Spidey movies! With that said, let's check out this POP!

I like the look of this POP even when inside the box. Heck, I like the box theme on its own too! It's very Spiderverse-related and the theme is very respectful to the source material. From this set, I'm more than interested in Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man India... MAYBE Spider-Gwen, but that's about it. The rest aren't that intriguing to me.

From what I have seen in trailers, each Spidey has a different art style and it plays off with the movie. For sure, I'd like to see how Ben Reilly's part--I'm sure it's small though.

He is a bobblehead, mind you!

Alright! Let's talk about the POP itself, shall we? While the pose isn't something too dynamic or acrobatic for someone like a Spider-Person, it is something that compliments the POP and in essence, the character itself. The pose allows for all the details of Ben's costume to be showcased; from the 90s straps, pouches, and belts, to the ripped-up hoodie, and the web-shooters outside his suit--it's all there. Funko did a fine job really adding the details! Layers and depth really helps this POP out! Now, I wish the eyes are given some sculpt rather than a paint job, but that is a VERY minor complaint and to be honest, it doesn't take anything away from this figurine, just something I expect all of Spider-Man related POPs to have. Guess not this guy.

I do appreciate the fact that both sides are not symmetrical when talking about design and paint job.

The colors are great! The choice for the red for Scarlet Spider really gives that bright 90s comic book look. The attention to the pouches, belt, web shooters are all there. The bright blue really contrasts and the perfect spider logo really does a job well done! Also, the added shadowing. Yeah, I appreciate that!

Here are some of my favorite Spider-Man related POPs. Superior Spider-Man remains to be one of my favorite looks for Peter--I do need a Symbiote and an Iron-Spider POP, that much is certain.

And here is POP Scarlet Spider next to POP Spider-Carnage. They're years apart in terms of when Ben will turn into Carnage but same person, different scenarios.

Another amazing POP and gifted by my good friend. I swear, she really knows how to take care of me and my collection! Fantastic sculpting, very complimenting pose, and the colors really sets it apart from other Spider-Man POPs--yeah, I love this one! So far, a good year for my Funko POP hunting.

Until Next Time!

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