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Funko POP: Spider-Man (Captain Universe)

Got another POP coming in! Focusing on a very powerful version of Spider-Man: Captain Universe Spider-Man or Earth-13 Spidey. With that said, let's get into the POP, shall we?

An Entertainment Earth exclusive this one is (not sure why I did a Yoda talk). Though I didn't get it from there; got it from the always fruitful Amazon. However the I received a very defected box. If I was a MIB collector, this would be a complete bummer but since I only care about the figurine inside, it's all well and good. As long as the POP didn't receive any damages. So was it in good condition? Let's find out!

Funko/Marvel would be foolish not to capitalize on the Spiderverse popularity. Spider-Man on his own is a seller so to use the Spiderverse property in there and using the alternate versions of Spidey... well, we got this. Believe me, I'm diving in.

Spider-Man's Captain Universe design is pretty standard to the Captain Universe look. Every character that gets the Uni power usually acquires the 'cosmic' blue & white costume along with the 'Uni' logo. It works in a 'who is worthy' rule (often inconsistent in my eyes). When it chose Spidey, it allowed him to keep the Spidey eyes and the 'mouth' portion of his original mask. It's not a bad look at all and I actually think it's simplistic design is part of its charm. Though the conservative design overhaul is nothing compared to the power boost Parker gets. Speaking of the POP, Uni-Spidey is not in a dynamic pose, which is understandable. A flight pose might've done more for me but the Uni-powers emanating from his fists does something, for sure! The sculpt work overall is standard and does not fall below the expectation. Nicely done.

The color/paint work definitely carries a lot of this POP. The glossy look on the blue really plays in with the cosmic look. The darker red tone for what remains of Spidey's original look definitely contrasts well with the dark blue. The white plastic/paint is good. I definitely like the Uni-Symbol and the 'cosmic' designs all over the blue. I like the two tones used for the Uni-Powers on Parker's hands. All in all, the color department did quite well!

Here are some of the alternate Spideys I have in my POP collection. Big Time and Superior. I know, not a very varied choice, but believe it or not, I'm going to up my numbers in terms of Spider-Man POP!

It's a good POP. Since he is the official starting point of my hunt for more Spider-Men, I'm definitely quite motivated with such a strong start! While his run in the Spiderverse was rather disappointing, rest assured that his time in Spiderverse is going to be a lengthy one! Highly recommended!

Until Next Time!

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