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Funko POP: Scarlet Witch (Red Variant)

This is also another unique POP on its terms. Another addition to my POP habits from my friend's Marvel Collector Corps collection. Let's just dive right into the review, shall we?

You can spot the common version on the top left along with "White Vision". Truth to be told, I've never been a fan of the 'extreme color repaint' gimmick which is why I never fork a dollar for 'em. But gifted and free is a different story.

The pose, the sculptowrk, the details (that are visible), it's all well done. Another POP hitting the benchmark that Funko set up with their POPs. I do love the pose they went with since it's Scarlet Witch levitating while reading the pages of the Darkhold. It's definitely a cool moment from WandaVision and it's something that I once thought would look cool as a POP. And it is. This version may leave a few things to be desired since some of the details are lost with the color scheme.

I'm not entirely sure what is the scheme with these single-colored POPs. For certain characters, it might make sense but overall, most of the POPs I have seen given this treatment never look appealing. The red is also off--not Scarlet Witch red but more of a deep reddish-orange. Not a fan, but at least if you are going to put this in as an exclusive, at least they altered the original common POP--right?

Multiverse of Madness and WandaVision POPs. I swear I should try to wrangle in the other MCU Wanda POPs before she turned into Scarlet Witch.

Again, not a fan of this version. This one is probably going straight to storage. But the novelty is somewhat intriguing. Honestly, I'd prefer the regular version but I'm not sure if I'm going to pull the trigger to grab it. We'll see.

Until Next Time!

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