• Onyx

Funko POP: Spider-Girl (Anya Carazon/Walgreens Exclusive)

Updated: May 5, 2019

And another #POP action figure comes swinging into my collection! Spider-Girls are part of the Marvel Universe and Anya Carazon is just one of them. I like her enough so to have a POP Spider-Girl in my collection is not out of the norm. Let's jump right in.

Walgreens is just a sleeper hit store when it comes to collectibles for collectors like me. They have exclusive Marvel Legends, POPs, Minimates(?) and other action figures that I don't collect. Whenever I decided to stop by Walgreens to get something I won't find in my local Target or Walmart, I tend to wander towards the toy department to see what stye have. I was fortunate to find Spider-Girl and another femme fatale (I'll give a guess: A Marvel Legend hottie that is a sibling to a Russian X-Man).

Much like the New York Comicon Exclusive Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl is a running variant of the Spider-Gwen from this series.

Other than Spider-Gwen and the aforementioned Spider-Woman, I don't have anyone else in this series. No one else seems like a character I have a heavy attachment too.