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Funko POP: Spider-Girl (Anya Carazon/Walgreens Exclusive)

Updated: May 5, 2019

And another #POP action figure comes swinging into my collection! Spider-Girls are part of the Marvel Universe and Anya Carazon is just one of them. I like her enough so to have a POP Spider-Girl in my collection is not out of the norm. Let's jump right in.

Walgreens is just a sleeper hit store when it comes to collectibles for collectors like me. They have exclusive Marvel Legends, POPs, Minimates(?) and other action figures that I don't collect. Whenever I decided to stop by Walgreens to get something I won't find in my local Target or Walmart, I tend to wander towards the toy department to see what stye have. I was fortunate to find Spider-Girl and another femme fatale (I'll give a guess: A Marvel Legend hottie that is a sibling to a Russian X-Man).

Much like the New York Comicon Exclusive Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl is a running variant of the Spider-Gwen from this series.

Other than Spider-Gwen and the aforementioned Spider-Woman, I don't have anyone else in this series. No one else seems like a character I have a heavy attachment too.

Spider-Girl's design came from Julia Carpenter's Arachne costume; a short lived title that went down along with Omega Flight. The final nail in the coffin for Julia's Arachne run came in the form of Kraven's family... a convoluted story that ended one Spider-Woman (Mattie) and Madame Web's life. Julia took on the Madame Web title and role and Anya carried on Julia's Arachne look and going by the Spider-Girl moniker. She later gains spider powers that are too similar to Peter Parker's and generally, she's just a Spider-Girl. She's definitely nothing special but she does come in handy during the Spiderverse run and not to mention, her design is pretty cool. It's nothing complex or anything too simple. Black mixed with small insignia and designs of white almost always ends up being a good combo. For Spider-Girl's case, it does end up pretty good. The ponytail style also gives her a younger and for some reason, a coming of age look, which, Anya is younger compared to Julia Carpenter and Jessica Drew.

I think Funko did a good job replicating Anya in POP form. The style of POPs didn't take anything away from Anya and the result is a familiar character. The pose, while not all too Spider-Y, does have the signature thwipping hand involved. One day I'd like to see them do a crouching Spider-like POP with these Spider characters.

While detailed sculpting will never be the main idea of POPs, they didn't do a bad job. The colors are also well done and nothing sloppy. I'm overall impressed with the aesthetics and have very little to complain about.

Just for fun, here is Spider-Girl Anya next to Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen(or Ghost Spider).

At the end of the day, this POP is nothing I am going to gawk over. Though it's not a bad addition. I am a big fan of the Spiderverse story line and to add more Spider people in the mix is something I am more than likely to do. Spider-Girl here is one of the Web Warriors so to add her in is a must and I am pleased with what I got. I recommend her, of course!

Until Next Time!

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