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Funko POP: Spider-Man (Miles Morales/Gamestop Exclusive)

Funko POP addition once again, ain't it? Yes! Like the Clone Saga, they just don't stop popping up in my collection, eh? Alright, enough puns. Let's get to it then!

I like this box a lot! They went with the Miles Morales theme to sell the box. The game's been out for a couple of years now and just now getting into it so the Gamerverse Spidey is going to be on my eyesight for sure.

And the design, even from staring at it from promotional art, it does look ... sensational(?).

I always appreciate an extra design on the lip of the box. The slogan of Spider-Man 1.5!

Another Bobble Head POP. A lot of Spider-Man POPs I have are Bobbles. Actually, I believe all of them?

So this suit for Miles is something I gravitated towards when I was playing Spider-Man 2. And since a lot of Miles' alternate suits for that game came from his solo game, this POP is technically dedicated to that game. Regardless, I do like all the attention to detail placed on this suit. The metallic-sleek but rigid all the same time, all of that transfers over to the POP version. The spider legs also have a lot of details put into them. The pose isn't anything grand or whatnot, but the details put into the aesthetics are what matters the most. Besides, Miles is doing the thwipping hand anyways so it all works.

The paint job is amazingly well done. I love the metallic choice of plastic for the main body, then it has some red-orange wash spread throughout the webbing. The wash thorughout may look sloppy at certain areas but it's actually part of the charm and the look they were going for.

The symbols, tiny, but well done. It looks like a spider logo for sure. There are some glow in the dark gimmick that doesn't work as well at the moment, but the paint job is all that matters.

Right next to POP Superior Spider-Man, these two Spider-Men really got a lot of hands to offer, right?

"Programmable Matter Suit"

I fell in love with this outfit the moment I saw it. Definitely a looker. There are a few more I'd like to get as POPs to be honest. Easy reccomend for me with all that detailing and the paint job. Maybe I can get the glow-in-the-dark gimmick to work. Oh well, still a two thumbs up for me.

Until Next Time!

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