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Funko POP: Sub-Zero MK X

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Freeze! Freeze! Okay, here we are with Sub-Zero to join my POP line up! Sub-Zero was definitely one of my favorite MK characters! While I have lost touch with the Mortal Kombat lore since MK III, I find myself inevitably taking a glance at the designs of some of my favorite characters. So here's Sub-Zero in his Mortal Kombat X #POP version!

Again, the humor in seeing a cute looking POP with a morbid and hell-like background!

I already have Kitana, as for the others, I do want to pick up Scorpion eventually. But I am more interested in getting the two-pack exclusive version!

Design wise, Sub-Zero's costume really got more details and ninja-homage compared to when he first appeared back in MK I. Again, I have not kept up with Mortal Kombat for a LONG time, but I do know that some changes had to be done to keep up with the modern era. Suffice it to say, the changes made are welcome since it gives his design more depth.

The small sculpting done on this guy is something to admire. Every strap, throwing knife, and other misc MK X design are sculpted/ The paint job itself is clean enoug hand Sub-Zero's color scheme for MK X stayed relatively the same, but again, it went through some overhaul to fit the era.

His posture might be a representation of hit stance or some kind of signature move. Not sure, but it's okay. I prefer if his head is angled to the side so it gives it a 'fighting stane' look. Not a bad choice, but something like an ice projectile forming would have given this figure a few more points.

The over all design, the well executed sculpting, and the balance coloring really brings some good things to this POP. As a casual fan of Mortal Kombat, I do like seeing my favorite Mortal Kombat character in a POP with some thought and care put into it. I do recommend this POP for any Mortal Kombat fan. He may not be the Sub-Zero I was first introduced to, but he is a good representation of the current stage of the franchise. With that said, let Mortal Kombat begin!

Until next time!

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