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Funko POP: The Black Parade

Oh hey! A #POP review! It's been some time (about 5 months or so) since my last review. And look! Another one of the album POP gimmick. Well, let's just get right into it!

Another genre of music from my younger years was My Chemical Romance. I listened to three of their albums back in the day, The Black Parade is the last one I really paid attention to (may be their last one--I'm probably wrong). Honestly, this album had a lot of good tracks that I still listen to, more notably the Black Parade song itself. I also like the artwork of the album which I'm glad they replicated quite well with this POP.

I like the marching skeleton who is decked out in a marching uniform and all.

Now unlike my POP Hybrid Theory experience, I didn't take this guy out of the 'case'. It was a pain in the butt, that's for sure! I'm not sure if I am going to get into another one of these because at the end of the day, there's not much you can do with them--I mean they're a fun wall display for sure but, again... I think there are other POPs that are more fun to review and display. It has to be a very sentimental album for me to get another one, that's for sure!

Until Next Time!

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