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Funko POP: Tinkerbell (Hot Topic)

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

#Disney definitely has plenty to roll out for the #POP line. Peter Pan is one of Disney's classic and with it, Tinkerbell comes with her own fanbase and popularity. So for her to get her own POPs here and there is no surprise. With that said, let's take a look at her most recent POP!

A Hot Topic Exclusive--and at the time of me writing this, it's an easy to catch POP. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to get it because I don't have a Tinkerbell POP yet and it just looks so darn adorable! Pouty Tinkerbell is cute Tinkerbell! Maybe--JUST MAYBE they'll do the other fairies? Vidia, anyone?

I'm pretty sure she would be the only "Peter Pan" character I would be interested in buying as a POP. Maybe Hook.

Tinkebell has a pretty recognizable design and Funko has done her right with her other POPs (at least by glance--I don't actually own one). For this Hot Topic exclusive, they still managed to retain the classic look, the dress, the shoes with the cotton ball, the wings, and her one bun hair; that's all well and good. But the charm of this POP for me is the pose and the 'expression'. Sitting down like she's not having any of it, Tinker has her arms crossed and while she has no mouth (as she shouldn't really since she's a POP), the brows say it all. Her wings extended out and is also not having anything to do with whatever situation is happening. To be honest, I think this is a moment in the movie? I can't remember because Peter Pan was one of those Disney movies I didn't watch more than once or twice. Though Tinkerbell was always a stand out character for me. She's adorable!

Doesn't help that the hair lacks any detail too!

Now right off the get go, one could see that there are some black markings on Tinkerbelle's hair. Not sure what they are but it's one of those rare times that POP's show some major imperfection. The blue string tying her hair into a bun is also not executed well and there are some imperfection--so definitely some a downer. Everything else is alright. She's got a simple color scheme and for the most part the POP gets it--missing some details on her wings, but hey, can't be too pouty for missing some things. All in all, the colors gets it but there are some issues on my figure.

Here she is next to POP Maleficent. I guess I wanted a complete opposite of Tinkerbelle for the comparison.

I wish I got a cleaner version. And I wish they added some details on her wings. But all in all, I think this is a nice addition to my collection. I won't exactly say that this is my best catch this year but considering that I was actively looking for her and I got this, it's kind of a bummer. But all in all, I'm glad I have her. She's got some good things going for her and just this pose and expression just says it all. Just like everything else, I suggest others to carefully examine their POPs before snagging it for their collection. The risk of a collector is not doing so and getting the experience that I got with Tinker. Oh well.

Until Next Time!

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