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Funko POP: Venom (Funko Exclusive)

A Venom POP has entered the Game Room! This isn't mine but for a special person that deserves it. Managed to get a review for it and I'm pretty excited about it. I don't know anything about this version of Venom. Heck, it might not be Eddie Brock and it might be a completely different variant of the character but hey! We're here for the POP. Let's get to it, eh?

This is a exclusive. This wave is a few years old now and I actually have had Storm and Daredevil. It's not a bad set though I doubt I'm getting any more from this wave. MAYBE X-23 but who knows? Probably not.

A definite bobblehead!

I feel that this is a comic book moment or something when it comes to Venom holding a hammer (that looks like Mjolnir) and a sword. I'm too lazy to really look it up but it's a good variation for a Venom POP. The pose is a bit neutral, but it does allow Venom's stylized stature to be on display. Love the logo and the details on the weapons ain't bad. The sword looks meh, but the hammer... again, it looks like Thor's hammer. And I do love that evil smile that Venom has. No signature tongue or green drool, but the face still looks like Venom. Not grand in the sculpting work but it does its job. Looks like Venom, imposing, and has enough details to push the idea that it's everyone's favorite symbiote buddy of Peter Parker.

The colors are simple since Venom is mostly black with his spider logo. Funny enough, Venom's eyes and logo aren't white. It's a weird bright orange-like. His sword is green and the hammer looks like Mjolnir so the colors aren't bad. Without the tongue and the drool, he doesn't have a lot of variation in colors. But hey, this part is also done well.

That glow-in-the-dark gimmick is done well. But those eyes and the logo need to absorb a lot of light for it to get that glow.

Two Venoms. Different times/versions of him, that is.

Here is Venom next to the other characters in this series. I swear that Daredevil is one of my favorites.

I recommend this POP. It's not the norm for Venom, not very dynamic in terms of pose but the pose is done well. The sculpture is clean and that face is just smiling with good intentions, right? Hoping the special person gets this and enjoys it!

Until Next Time!

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