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Funko POP: Venomized Daredevil

My first #POP in a long time, eh? Well, let's get right into the review of this wonderful POP! I've had my eye on this Venomized Daredevil so... let's see if he held up to my anticipation.

I mentioned that I will not be collecting EVERY POP from this line but there are more than a few that seem interesting to me and Daredevil definitely fits that bill! Daredevil is just one of my favorite Marvel characters--while he isn't on my top five or maybe not even in the top ten, I will say that there are a few things about him that I think is noteworthy. First off, Daredevil wears an all-red outfit (with variations in the past, as all superheroes go through) and he goes through the night fighting crime with his own martial arts prowess. Now by all rights, Daredevil does come with his superpowers: enhanced senses--even though he is blind, he can 'see' the world better than the average joes. So, cool abilities, simple but fantastic costume, and a brooding-cool personality? Add a red symbiote and we get a wonderful amalgamation of Venom and Carnage (or Venom I guess). Seriously, the design still pays homage to Daredevil's simple aesthetics but given a slight boost through the feral aesthetics of a venomized individual. Again, I like and I approve!

I already have someone from this series and I will share the two side-by-side. Other than that, I think I will pass on the others. Thanos I am very disappointed. He looks like he is wearing swimming trunks!

Oh man, where to start with this guy? First and foremost, it's recognizably Daredevil still. Second, the symbiote that bonded with Matt Murdock definitely ensured that it did a number on him in both good and bad ways. Let's just say, he's definitely going to be striking more fear into the thugs of Hell's Kitchen. What stands out to me the most is the work put on the head--again, simple stuff, but it went a long way adding to that creepy and 'venom-y' aesthetic. That long grin and those eyes, or that lack of--really really well done. Then those horns! Daredevil's vanilla horns have always been small and subtle but venomized, well, we get this grand and imposing. Again, another addition to really put an intimidating vibe. Just on the head alone is enough to have sold me but the rest of him is actually something to take note of!

Before I say how much I admire the work put on the rest of Daredevil, I will say that the inconsistent texturing with smooth versus the tendril-bumpy form is a bit jarring. Though saying all that, I'm glad that they did add those on Daredevil's red bodysuit. The symbiote looks like it's 'moving' about its host. The pose is something I'm not 100% keen on, but it's not something I dislike. I feel like he should have a bit more of a dynamic pose or something neutral--but it's not bad.

As far as the paint job, I do like it. It's a good red color and fitting for Daredevil, venomized or not. It's consistent enough and the choice of the brighter shade of red (or orange) of Matt's "Doube Ds"--it allows us to see his 'logo' without it being lost in all that red and tendril 'movements'.

Here is Venomized Daredevil next to Venomized Storm. The only one from the series that I will probably own. Those teeth and smile, I swear!

Yes, I adore this. Daredevil is a Marvel character that I adore enough and combine that with a Symbiote, he doesn't look too bad. Good details, great ambiance, and likable pose, I'd say this #POP is a win! I recommend this guy, for sure!

Until Next Time!

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