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Funko POP: Venomized Storm

The first Venomized #POP in my collection! This one caught my attention right away so let's see if she lives up to my initial reaction of purchasing her!

This "Venom" series is an interesting one because it can really go in a few ways: Marvel characters looking really good or Marvel characters looking bland to ugly. I have seen a lot of the designs and honestly, there are some good ones. Storm over here is definitely one who falls into the 'good ones'. I was immediately drawn in by her aesthetics that are seeping out even from inside the box. The box art for the figure and just the overall design for the box is just fitting and dare I say, attracting! Though I knew right off the get-go that I was going to take her out and review her but it's just a nicely done box all in all.

The rest of the #POPs in the series is okay. Venomized Daredevil really gets my jives going, but I'm not going to go out of my way to get him. Not a bad set though.

Venomized Storm comes with a fantastic base that is a translucent lightning effect. It's nicely done because it looks like it's crackling on the ground and around Storm. It really is a nice looking piece; the problem is that I might have got a defected one because it's not a very good base. It leans a bit too much not giving Storm the stability that she needs--I had to improvise and glue it to another unused figure base to allow her to be displayed adequately.

The Venomized face is definitely one of the selling points! Look at that grin! Those teeth! Now, Venom has a very distinct face/mask design so it's very easy to recognize it and the Venomized Storm stays true to that iconic design with its own small change to the eyes. It reminds me of lightning-esque flavor. The rest of the reimagination of Storm is definitely as Venom as it can be. Mostly all black minus the logo, it's definitely fitting. I don't think that's a bad idea since it stays true to the idea of the She-Venom. The Venom logo doesn't stray too far away from Brock's/Parker's iconic symbol but it slightly varies. The best thing about Ororo's symbiote self is that mohawk! It's definitely the whole "Bloodstorm" look! I do enjoy the overall design and it fits!

The pose is just... amazing. Storm is hovering, grinning, and with her arms extended out as if intimidating her opponent while the lightning is crackling around her. Absolute perfect posture. I love it. One of the main selling points for thiis #POP!

Now for a character that is mostly black and white, one can't possibly mess up the coloring when putting in plastic form. #POP Venomized Storm is just cleanly painted. No complaint and not going to praise it too much. It ain't ugly, that's all that matter.

While I'm not entirely gravitating towards the Venomized #POPs, I will say that there's Storm and Daredevil that I think is definitely worth it. My real complaint with Storm is the base stand but I managed to tweak it out to make it work. I can only recommend her for hardcore Venom/Storm fans or for those completionists. It's an easy pass but with an awesome pose, a good looking base, and a fantastic design, I'd say she has some merits for one's collection worth considering. Well, that's it for that!

Until Next Time!

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