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Funko POP: Venom (Let There Be Carnage)

Updated: Jan 18

We are Venom! And we have another #POP!

So did I watch the movie? No. I watched the first one. And for what it was, the goofy, ridiculous, and downright 90s vibe, I liked it. I'm not going to sit here and say that it was the greatest movie ever, but it was a fun factor that I bought into. But where the heck are his logos though?! But the sequel was a sure shot to come out, it came out, we had Carnage and we have POPs. I might or might not have gotten both of them.

Just a random thought... would be nice to see this Venom having a logo. Just saying.

The highlight of the Venom movie will always be Tom Hardy's portrayal of the character. May not be the spot-on Eddie Brock/Venom that we got in the comics but it is an adaptation and I ate it up. Minus the lack of logo, Venom did look aesthetically pleasing and most of the things that made him look cool carried over to his POP form! The slick shine, the muscular build, the ferocious and familiar Venom face, the tongue, and the unfortunate makeshift logo are all present. There's even texturing involved with this! And the pose too looks menacing but still quite 'playful' in a way that only Venom can portray. Sculpting and posing, I definitely think it's a plus!

Colors are amazing. I love the slimy shine over the plastic making the symbiotic look... well, slimy. The texturing too just runs well with the shininess and it's not just the black color that gets it, the huge signature eyes also has it. It looks so good and the whites are all distinguishable. Basically he doesn't have pearly sharp whites between those gums! Well done! A logo would look nice too.

Here is POP Venom (Let There Be Carnage) next to POP Venom. I like the coloring on this POP but I do love the logo on the other one. Have I made my point yet about the logo? Also the size!

All joking aside about the logo, it's a movie design and not a toy flaw. For what they were given Funko did just fine and I love this! I highly recommend this POP for a Venom fan!

Until Next Time!

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