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Funko POP: Vlad Dracula Tepes (Netflix)

Here we go with another #POP in my collection! This one's a long time coming so I'm just going to go ahead and say that I really am glad that I got this! With that said, let's get on with the review!

I've honestly like the Castlevania for a long time now. I really fell in love with the Dracula character in Symphony of the Night, which is the main inspiration for the Netflix Vlad (speculating, but come on now). His design is classy, dark, and ominous. Hey, red, black, and a fancy cape, count me in. It also helps that he has a pretty bamf hybrid son too. Let me also point out that despite Dracula being the trope of a mopey villain, his story as told in Castlevania Netflix had heart, meaning, and the pa off was definitely something worth getting the feel for. Seriously, watch the damn show. It's awesome.

I should get Alucard and Trevor. I really should. Don't know why I haven't.

Dracula had an imposing presence in the show despite him having a very dejecting mind set and motive; a motive that was somewhat justified. But overall, his presence was known and when it was time for him to show what he was capable of, he did not disappoint. Dracula's design was also something I really liked since it had the right colors that usually catches my attention, he had the regal looks, and that cape. #Funko made sure that all those were present in Vlad's POP form. I love the way the cape drapes behind him, the coat and boots design are also well done. One of the unique things about his sculpt is his face, given a bit more rough-edged cheeks and perfectly framed with his black hair--his vampiric ears sticking out at the sides. I do adore the the touch of his facial hair, and over all, the way the hair sculpted (though still adhering to the usual ways of Funko) all presents themselves well to create the perfect Vlad Tepes in this POP iteration.

The pose is nothing too crazy, but it does fit with how Dracula was in the Netflix series.

The coloring on this guy is well done. Dracula has a whole lot of black and the fact that Funko was able to make them all stand out from each other is something I can truly adore. The rest of the color on his outfit are clearly sprinkled to match his Netflix counterpart, but they are done quite well. The skin tone, the dry-ghastly skin, also does well along with the red eyes. Just well done!

Here he is next to my only other Castlevania POP figure, POP Sypha Benaldes. These two have a very small interaction but hey, the two did not show each other any mercy.

And here he is next to another Dracula I got recently, POP Vlad the Impaler.

I've wanted to get Dracula (and all the other Castlevania POPs) for some time now. I've been procrastinating, but I'm glad I got him. All in all, I'm impressed and am very happy to have him in my collection. Definitely recommend him!

Until Next Time!

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