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Funko POP: Vlad the Impaler (Funko.Com Exclusive)

You all should know by now! When I get #POPs, I usually get them by a number and rarely on the singles. So with that said, here's another one for the review. An odd addition but there's a rhyme and reason to have Vlad the Impaler. Let's get on with the review, shall we!

The first exclusive I got from, and definitely I'm glad I did. I'll explain as I go on with the review. For now, let's talk about Bram Stoker's Dracula, the movie. I'll be honest that I haven't seen the thing in some time but the one thing that stuck with me throughout the years was Vlad's red armor! Never thought I'd find myself grabbing a merchandise of it, but lo and behold, Funko's way of just grabbing almost everything mainstream (Final Fantasy, please?). Pleasant surprise!

Even in art form this thing looks good!

I haven no interest in getting the others and I wanted the helmeted version. So from this series, this is probably a one and done deal.

What's there to say about this design? What's there not to say? It's so simple but it has a lot of intricacy that makes it so attracting! And the one thing that I commend Funko with this piece is that they really tried their best to get the small details that makes this armor stick out. The lines one every piece of him, the plating areas, and the helmet! Had I gone with the common I probably wouldn't be this impressed. The helmet just makes it all complete! The pose isn't anything to really write home about but it is good to showcase the entire figurine. The sword, simple, but still fitting with the character; can't remember if it's accurate. All in all, I'm very happy with how this look sculpt wise!

And then the red! Whoa! That is a robust red! That color just ties it all in for one complete aesthetically pleasing design made just for me to adore! It just makes him POP (pun intended) out. There's a lot of red! A lot of good red! And it may be a bit too much, but hey, it's slightly contrasted with the skin tone peeking out of his helmet, the silver sword, and the brown leather of his sheathe. The black lines between each plating really balances the red! I really like the coloring all together!

Here he is Vlad the Impaler next to POP Vlad Dracula Tepes.... a Dracula from another franchise. Drastic look difference but, hey, the Netflix Dracula has a bit more oomph than one would imagine for a cartoon/video game character.

Here is Vlad the Impaler next to ... a very different character from a very different character, POP Daito. There is no reason why these two have to be next to each other BUT, I put them next to each other because they are both sword-wielding warriors, drenched in red, and POPs I adore.

So all in all, what's the verdict? It's pretty obvious that I LOVE this thing. I recommend him, but ONLY the Funko exclusive. I don't think I can like the common as much as this one. Truly, it's just a great POP with a good sculpt, good pose, bold colors, and just a ton of detail! Truly, do yourself a favor, get this thing!

Until Next Time!

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