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Funko POP: Weapon Hex

And yes! Another #POP to join the fray and this time around it's going to be an odd character. You'll see what I mean! Let's get into it!

There are rare times when I feel like I should get back into comic books. There are some interesting things and some things develop that definitely tickles my fancy. Infinity Warp...a play on "Infinity War" and it definitely has a lot to do with Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet (of course the stones/gems), and the Marvel Superheroes. This time around, from my understanding, Gamora uses the Infinity Gauntlet to 'fold' the Marvel Universe together (the 616), therefore we have characters fused with another. Some of the ideas are cool like Spidey and Moon Knight, Hela and Madame Masque, and then we have Laura Kinney (X-23) and Scarlet Witch--thus the name: "Weapon Hex". Pretty cool. But I'm not jumping back into comics.

Also, I think I'm going to hunt for some of the POPs in this series. Some look legitimately cool.

I genuinely really like her design. In incorporates both Wanda's and Laura's designs over the years. I especially love the "hex claws"! There's also an irresistible aura of sexiness to it. Admittedly, I haven't seen much of it artwork wise, but I have this nagging feeling I'm going to start looking into her. I don't know much about her story, but having Laura's healing factor and Wanda's magic being mixed in one is a pretty no brainer assumption--how we got there is another story. #Funko does a fine job translating all that into a POP. The designs are pretty accurate and there even small details places that Funko is now known for. The pose is very simple but it does the job and I am not complaining. The hex claws are an awesome addition, no doubt! Also, that mask is just a great homage to the brown costume of her 'father'. Stylized in POP form turned out great!

Choices for the plastic color are spot on. The small painted details are great and the overall execution leaves little for complaints. All in all, I think it's done quite well!

On close up, one can see some imperfections, but again, I'm not complaining about it. But those 'markings' on her arms and things! And that plastic on those claws! Well done!

Here she is next to another Infinity Warp POP I own, POP Iron Hammer. Again, more might come if I find them or decide to pull the trigger on going online purchase. We'll see. (drowning in POP backlogs in the time of this blogging!).

I got Weapon Hex on a discount (a really good discount), but I would've paid full price for her at one point. Awesome design, pretty standard but fitting pose, good sculpt, and all around good paint job and color choices. I can safely say that I recommend her. She's not going to be a stand out, but she's definitely got some flare to her!

Until Next Time!

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