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Funko POP: Werewolf by Night (Disney+)

Another #POP hitting my collection and perfect timing too! It's the Werewolf by Night! A creature part of Marvel's bestiary that has some significance that I will go into later. For now, let's get into the POP, shall we?

Speaking of, I do need to watch this show. I heard positive things about it so why not, right? With positive reviews about Disney+ shows not coming around too often, I do need to give this one a go. Besides, I heard it's got some flare that no other #MCU show has. Also, it's the freaking Werewolf by Night! It's a must.

Will probably just stick with this guy in terms of collecting from this series. I don't have any attachment to the others. Though "Elsa" Bloodstone? And then there's Swamp-Thing. Interesting characters but not going to pull the trigger, for sure.

Werewolf by Night is going off the aesthetics of the classic Werewolf looks from the Universal Studios portrayal--well, at least some inspirations. His original form way back in his appearance in Marvel leaned on that look a lot but as the years went on by, he changed to fit other contemporary visuals of the Werewolf idea. Though he never leaned too much into a full-on bipedal wolf; he looks more like a human gaining canine qualities rather than a wolf being able to adapt a standing posture. The Disney+ interpretation sees him more as a man with canine attributes. And while I never really saw what he looks like (as of this post), I do believe this is rather accurate. And the details are quite nice with all the 'fur' sculpting on his face, body, and legs. The posture is also feral, standing there with a feral look to him, claws and fangs out. I do like it.

Going with the black & white aesthetics, Werewolf by Night is unique in its own right due to the coloring. Though the different tints of grey, light, dark, and some hints of black/white really make this POP stand out.

Here is POP Werewolf by Night (Disney+) next to POP Spider-Woman (NYCC 2018 Exclusive). Yes, I had to pair him up next to Ms. Jessica Drew for obvious reasons. And while we will probably never see this 'team up' spring to life with this climate, I will say that one can always dream. But yeah, really wanted to have him for this reason, of course. Probably one of the main reasons why The Werewolf by Night is high up there for me as a Marvel character.

An easy purchase for me for many reasons. But it is a good-looking POP, no doubt about that. I do like the work put into him and since he has a very different color scheme, he will be another MIB POP I will keep with me. Definitely recommend this POP!

Until Next Time!

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