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Funko POP: Wolverine (Xmas 2023)

Wolverine in a Christmas setting is a bit off, I know. But then again, the man does have a soft spot so I don't seem him too far away from the Holiday festivities. So as part of the 2023 Marvel POP special, here's the man who is the Best at What they Do, and this year, he's gonna be nice rather than naughty. Right?

Again, planning on finishing this set. As I go through this set, I'm starting to see that it's not the heaviest when it comes to announcing that it's a Holiday themed POP. Though it's no denying that they are for the Holly Jolly season. Just seen far more extravagant Xmas themed POPs from Marvel and DC.

Once again, pretty funny idea for this Wolverine POP.

Wolverine having snow dumped on his head while he is holding a "Ba Humbug" sign that is altered to have the word 'bub' on it? Yeah, instant Holiday Classic! For sure! Like most of the Holiday POPs, not much going on when we are talking about dynamic poses. Though truth to be told, there's not much needed when one is presenting a holiday themed merch. And like I said, although this series isn't too heavy on the ornaments and decors, the idea of snow and that particular (in)famous Scrooge line from a grumpy old man who snikts claws out of his fist, yeah it's perfect. The details are there and I adore the snow sculpted on his head and boots. His claws also get the POP friendly style so I'm all for it.

The paint job is fairly clean. Not a lot of paint smudging to truly complain about other than the yellow bleeding over on his mask. The yellow stripes seems to struggle to go against the blue, but all in all it's not too bad. I'd say the claws should've had a far more silver tint but it does the job.

Here is POP Wolverine (Xmas 2023) next to POP Logan (Days of the Future Past). Yeah, the silver color of Logan should have transferred over to Wolverine but hey, it is what it is, right? I do love both though.

Another addition to this set. As a POP collector, I'd say this isn't too bad to add into one's collection for the Holidays. As a Wolverine fan, I'm not sure if I can say this is a must. But having him is not detrimental so there's that. Well, on to the next addition of this set.

Until Next Time!

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