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Funko SODA: Vampire Mickey

Updated: May 28, 2022

Well, this is certainly new, ain't it? This isn't a #POP but it's made by Funko and I have seen them around for some time now and it's only now that I decided to cave in and check 'em out. So let's get right into the review, shall we?

It's a soda can with a figure inside. That's the gimmick. It's kind of an odd deal and these things have been out for a while and there's a TON of them out there but I never really gravitated towards them....until now. I was going to get a character with a bit more 'sentiment' like Spidey or Iron Man, or of course, Elsa... but couldn't find them. And so I went with the 'one' and only Mickey Mouse--wearing a vampire outfit of all things, right?

What do you get with this "Soda"? A solid plastic figurine of Mickey Mouse, a 'pog'(?), and the can itself. Honestly, the can is part of the gimmick so there's that.

As for the figurine itself, it's nothing grand and special to really get me to chase every single one. It's a solid hard plastic with a simple pose for the character. Much like Funko's #POP, the SODA figures are stylized in a way that makes them unique to the series. The details are there but it's not intricate--much in the line that POP does it where one would recognize the character through the sculpt but since it is stylized and a certain price point, it's going to miss a few things. Also, the pose isn't anything too dynamic but one can't complain for what it is.

Everything else is done fine. Color and paint job is satisfactory--not a lot to dissect in regards to the shading and etc. There are a few inconsistency with Mickey's face between his white and black skin (cheek). Other than that, everything else is pretty cleanly done. The contrast between the matted colors next to the shiny black is also a good juxtapose.

Here is SODA Vampire Mickey next to POP Town Disneyland Mickey. A gimmick Funko figurine next to another much more gimmicked and stylized figurine. Both styles contrast but both styles make their own mark in the collecting world.

A figurine with two gimmicks: a fun and vibrant figurine, and the 'soda' can that encases the said figurine. The 'soda' can was just as much of an appealing part of the collection as the figurine. It's a nice little gimmick, one that I believe I am willing to snag a few things here and there. Needless to say, I already got a second one (stay tuned). As far as Vampire Mickey, nice little start and I do adore it. Out of season, but it's Mickey Mouse.

Until Next Time!

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