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Funko POP: Mickey & Cinderella Castle (POP Town)

Another Disney #POP and this time it's from the "POP Town" series! This is my first from this line of POPs so it's going to be a bit different. With that said, let's jump in the review, shall we?

Now the reason this is going to be unique is because it's kind of a "2-pack" since Cinderella's Castle is a POP on its own along with Mickey Mouse. But I am pretty excited to have this and talk about it because this is definitely a breath of fresh air in terms of POP. And, of course, I do love Disney and a lot of their product. With this POP Town being a 50th celebration merchandise, it's even more of a fitting thing to have and to review on my channel. The box itself definitely feels grand and for a moment I thought about leaving it MIB--but I decided not to, clearly. Besides, the box is a bit damaged so no use to really go that route.

This isn't my first Mickey Mouse POP. I've had a couple before (Holiday Mickey, 90 years Mickey, Conductor Mickey) and to be honest, with how much I dabble with Disney and all its glory, I will probably gain a couple more. With this Mickey Mouse being 'half' the pull for this POP, it could have been an easy repaint or whatever (it could very well be, I'm not sure), but regardless if it is or it isn't, I do like this Mickey Mouse POP. Mickey wears a a suit that isn't mute in colors at all one bit. In fact, if memory serves me right, I have seen Mickey wear this outfit in Disneyland and with that pose, he definitely had that pose: greeting, welcoming, and you know--that friendly gesture that Disneyland is known for. As a POP, they definitely accomplished that pose. The suit's got the right sculpt to make it seem like Mickey is wearing a suit. Big ol' shoes, the familiar Mickey Mouse head, and all that! Good sculpt that much is certain for Mickey's sake.

Colors are nice for sure! The gold, blue, and lavender is actually a nice combo. Sharply painted and no signs of misses. I can't complain.

Well that's Mickey Mouse! Now let's take a look at Cinderella's castle, shall we?

As far as the Cinderella's castle goes... this is going to be different for me. This is my first POP Town so it's going to be a bit awkward with some of my assessment. Also, while Cinderella's castle is definitely monumental and part of the experience when I go to Disneyland Parks--it's not the main thing I look at (oh don't get me wrong, I take pictures for sure) so I can't honestly compare. But what I can say is that as a POP version of a castle, it does a fine job. It has a lot of sculpting left and right, got the bricks, got towers, got flags, and it looks like a Disney property for sure. Now there's some slight warping here and there but I am not going to really point that out as much. I do like it overall.

Clearly both sides are not symmetrical and that's expected. This side got some things to show off for sure.

The color is solid. There are a lot of colors to make this castle as Disneyland as possible and it all works. Gold is vibrant, the dark blues are a good contrast, the grey make a good neutral backdrop, so on, and so on. From my standpoint, it all comes together and it looks nice.

Again it's the first review of a POP Town and the structure that is in POP form. It's a nice new addition and we'll see if I find more that fits my collection. All in all though, it's a good introduction!

Elsa and Arendelle... hmmm.

Here is Mickey and Castle next to POP Coronation Elsa and POP Frozen II Elsa. I just wanted to feature Elsa again so sue me. She looks good next to it, don't she? Oh, here's an idea Funko! A new Frozen I Elsa POP with her iconic Ice Castle! Yeah!

At the end of the day, this POP series has a good introduction for me. Got a good idea and I think it's unique enough next to my common POPs. Not sure if there are others that would appeal to me but Mickey Mouse and Cinderella Castle is a definite good addition to my collection. A Disney fan can definitely appreciate this. I highly recommend it for sure!

Until Next Time!

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