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Funko POP: Holiday Mickey Mouse

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Yes, it is that time of the year! It's #Christmas2020 just a few weeks away! With that said, I am reviewing some of the Holiday #POPs I have gathered throughout the years. With that said, let's get into it!

Mickey Mouse is a juggernaut of a character so having him in Christmas attire should be no surprise (I have the 90 Years of Mickey and the Conductor Mickey). Mickey Mouse, for a lot of households, actually have him and Disney as a big part of their household. I am one such number. In fact, #Disneyland is a big part of the Holiday routine but for 2020, that ain't happening for "reasons" that the world is very familiar with. At any rate, having a POP Mickey Mouse doesn't replace that feeling but it does, at least, helps a little fill some part of that hole.

I believe this Disney set was from 2019. Surprisingly, I have most of these; the reviews are coming up soon.

It's pretty simple Holiday Mickey Mouse. He's wearing a Santa Clause outfit and he's holding a bell to imply that he is Christmas caroling. Nothing too dynamic about the pose it doesn't need to be.

Sculpt is pretty good. It's detailed where it needs to be and there is no mistake that we can tell what is what in terms of the white fluff, the mistletoe, the Santa hat, etc.

Paint application is great. The red is perfect for the Santa vibe and the white and the green offsets for a perfect Festive feel. It's clean and sharp.

Here is Mickey Mouse next to POP Holiday Minnie. They look perfect next to each other. They complement each other even more.

I understand that not everyone has Disney as part of their Holiday. For me, I could have gone with and without this POP but since I bought it, I always want to make sure he's out in the living space as part of the decorations.

Until Next Time!

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