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FuRyu: Rin Tohsaka

Updated: May 5, 2019

This lovely statue! Most people will probably have Fate Stay/Night as their gateway to the grand universe of the Fateverse. A good number of those people who entered through Fate Stay/Night most likely have a thing for Rin; attraction, admiration... all of those. Me, personally? I can relate to some of the things she does and also happen to find her to be one sexy anime character. So needless to say, action figures of her in my collection are a must and since I'm not opposed to #FuRyu's products, here I am reviewing a statue that I have had for a long time now! So without further Adieu, here's FuRyu Rin Tohsaka from Fate Unlimited Blade Works.

I don't have the original box anymore. This photo was taken from Ebay. A friend of mine bought this for me from Japan and customs was not very kind so the box had a lot of dents and wrinkles. What mattered was the piece inside and needless to say, Rin was just fine. Also, the overall theme of the box fits FuRyu's look for their Fate related figurines. It's nice, let's just put it that way and it kept the figurine protected.

Rin Tohsaka's character design is simple. Other than the other main character, Shirou Emiya, she's got one of the simpler outfits. Definitely a lot less complex compared to the outfits of servants like Archer and Lancer. Basically wearing a red long-sleeve turtleneck, short skirt, stockings, and penny loafers, Rin Tohsaka is a subject for eye candy and that's probably the main purpose. Don't get me wrong, it's a neat outfit past its sex appeal, that's for sure but other than the cross emblem on her sternum, it's actually something a normal person can wear. Now Rin's hair is pretty anime-ish. It's definitely not the most outlandish hair out there but it's not a normal hairstyle. Her eyes is also a bit bright aqua blue to be normal, but it's not out there like red eyes or purple. But all in all, I like Rin's look both for the purpose of fan service and the aesthetics of it. How does that translate to FuRyu's handy work? Just judging from the sculpting there's definitely a lot to praise. Her hair is very dynamic and plays off the body posture and her hand positioning. I love the wrinkles on the clothing especially on her turtleneck and the way her skirt rides in the 'wind' is also something to take in. I've mentioned it before that FuRyu doesn't translate anime faces as good as #Bishoujo statues do, at least in my opinion. But Kotobukiya's. Saying that, it doesn't mean that we have an unappealing face to look at. This Rin looks like Rin but I think it's missing something. I can't quite put my finger on it but that's just my 'lens' looking at something and comparing it to a higher quality/more expensive product. FuRyu's Rin Tohsaka is definitely appealing.

The pose for Rin is definitely something I want to highlight. Rin, although known for her tsundere ways, is actually quite a flirtatious character. Sure she's not outright with ti, but she knows she has the appeal and she knows how to subtly use it. It's in the way she walks honestly and let's face it, what she wears. She'll be in a full blown jacket and still have that mini skirt on! FuRyu definitely capitalizes on that! The posture of her legs, implying that she is walking with such sass is just perfect for her. It gives the statue dynamic but also works well for a snapshot moment.

Her hair is definitely part of the charm and it plays off with the implied motion I talked about. The way it is 'waving' through the wind is done just right then her left arm placed as if she is waving a portion of her hair off is just so anime and just so darn perfect. And.... her right hand with her command seal and where it is cleverly placed. I need not say more for my perverted side can just speak for me.

Coloring is pretty amazing honestly. The color choices given to her definitely is sharp and accurate--not to mention she has some good shading here and there. Again I think the face is a bit off but not ugly by any means. Hair lacks some depth in the color department but I can forgive those minor things because the clothing are done well!

I can't really pinpoint what is it that makes her face not as amazing as Bishoujos.... I keep comparing the two as if there is a comparison!

And um, I like how sharp they painted her command seal..... truly.

And here's FuRyu Rin Tohsaka next to my FuRyu Scáthach. I personally feel like they don't scale well together. Rin should definitely be shorter. Not a deal breaker but definitely something to note.

At the end of the day I can say that I recommend FuRyu Rin Tohsaka. She's well made with a few minor issues and with a price that is not going to break someone's wallet. This figurine captures Rin's fun and confident personality; it also gets enough fan service that isn't so glaring. So, yes, if you are a fan of Rin or the Fate UBW in general, this is a good piece to add to your collection.

Until Next Time!

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