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Hot Toys: Iron Man Mark V

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Iron Man Mark V was my first Hot Toy. It really introduced me to the euphoria of owning a top of the line action figure and it's an addiction I have to stay away from. Since then, I bought the Silver Centurion from the Iron Man 3 movie and I was even more blown away. I did reviews on both of them some time ago and those pictures, despite how old and how out of date the camera I was using, they still showcase the beauty of these Hot Toys.

I might do a review 2.0 on them when I find time as I have mentioned before. But that video above is a video from my old game room. I'm thinking that for Hot Toy reviews and for showcasing my Game Room (whenever I finish it), I'll do small videos like that. We'll see though.

Until Next Time!

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