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Kotobukiya: Shartimus Prime Interview w/ Dan Lujan

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

It's really cool to see what Kotobukiya is up to. And it's awesome that Shartimus Prime has that rapport with Dan Lujan (a big time face in the Kotobukiya world). If any of you watch Shartimus Prime's reviews, he is sponsored by Kotobukiya so a lot of his Bishoujos are sent to him before it hits the market. That's awesome! The previews shown are pretty cool. The 92 X-Men have a certain nostalgia, but I'm not quite sure if I am completely sold. We'll see. I was hoping that more Bishoujos on the Marvel line would be shown. Heck, why wouldn't Square Enix line up with Kotobukiya on this? But there are some interesting news to be shown.

This is an interesting one up here. Jason Todd gets a sexy statue with the new male version of Bishoujo called "Ikemen". Probably will not be getting these guys but I do like the fact that they are tailoring to a different audience.

But this news is something else. Bishoujo series BASED on My Little Pony? Yeah, I don't admit this as much but I'm a little bit of a Brony. Believe it or not. So... might be seeing this in my collection!

Well, that recaps the news that interested me the most in Shart's interview with Kotobukiya representative, Dan Lujan. Watch the entire video to get more goodies!

Until Next Time!

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