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Marin Kitagawa Figurine

Holy mother of all mothers. Marin Kitagawa figurine y'all! Not surprised but definitely still pleasantly happy for the promotional figurine reveal. Marin is a hottie and I love the anime she's from so, here we go!

But let me just say that she's sold out. And the store she was initially released for preorder wasn't even local so even if I did jump the bandwagon, would have been paying full price plus some pretty harsh shipping and handling cost!

Would really love to review her..... really.

Well, I'm hoping for a domestic release. I'm hoping that they realize (and how can they not) that Marin is going to sell and they need to mass produce this thing! SERIOUSLY! The moment it does, I'm dropping my preorder in and find a space in my game room!

Until Next Time!

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