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Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF: Psylocke (2.0 DiD'ed)

Wait, what's going on here? What's this? This isn't going to be a typical toy review, nor am I even going to have a lot, or if anymore on this page. I was trying to look for the "variant" version of this Marvel Legends Psyloce from the Apocalypse BAF Wave but when I saw another one of these, I just couldn't resist. So snagging another Psylocke I decided to go through with the plan!

What plan you might ask? Well, isn't it pretty simple? I've had the ToyBiz Marvel Legends Psylocke from the Mojo BAF and it's pretty obvious that it wasn't Psylocke's best iteration in to plastic form. She may hold a bit more articulation compared to the Hasbro version but in terms of aesthetics and overall looks our recent Betsy Braddock has it all. Thus why being DiD'ed does look better with Hasbro's new Psylocke. Don't you think? And I'm sure the Toybiz Psylocke agrees. She will finally be released of her bonds and allows for the new generation to take her duress.

While my whole idea of DiD'ing certain action figures (I have a couple, as one can see I have Rachel Grey there as well) is a perverted and preference one, I do try to incorporate some sort of significance beyond my fascination with DiD. The captured heroines are all displayed within the Villains' shelves so there's obviously a story there. Not much else to say other than I love the new look of this area. Again, hoping to post a full show of my Game Room. Whenever I get the time to do that! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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