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Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF: Punk Rock Storm

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Storm, Mistress of the Elements, command yourself to stop talking like that!

The next #Marvel_Legends #BAF Apocalypse wave is going to be Ororo Monroe, aka Storm--in her classic punk rock look, of course. #Hasbro is killing bank accounts with the wave and wave of Marvel Legends this year, and honestly, most I got. This is second to the last that I'll be getting this year, so first, let's check out The new Marvel Legends of Storm!

I'm not sure why Storm went for this look after her first appearance one (a sexy look too), but honestly, I don't mind this look for Storm. It gives her this 'don't mess with me' appearance even if one isn't aware that she can call on the elements to blast the living hell hole out of you. But Storm is a pretty high level mutant; not sure if we can consider her Omega since I don't think she will be that effective out in space with her powers and all. But I don't know. I don't follow Storm as much, but I do say she is one of the best X-Men out there. Not entirely sure if this is her definitive look, but it's one of Storm's most unique outfit up to date--with it getting revamped and the hairstyle used in another series run.

That's actually a pretty good promo shot of the action figure. Of course, much of it is thanks to the background! 

Storm comes with Apocalypse's biggest BAF piece and some lightning effects (that are way too familiar and HELPFUL). Of course some alternate hands and faces should always come as a must, but that's asking too much. At least the accessories we got for Storm turned out to be a great hit.

The mold for Storm is a body we have seen before but with a few sculpted parts that really makes this body unique (I'm not sure if the sculpted parts are new. Maybe the boots?). Of course the head sculpt is all brand new to fit this certain appearance of Storm from way back when. There's something about the way it all came together that really makes this action figure look brand new in terms of mold. It's very simple, but the way it was executed just definitely makes it sharp, like a LOT of attention was put into making her; at least a lot of thought into making her plastic form have some layer. Nothing looks dull, cheap, or just last minute addition. So far, it's the most detailed figure I have reviewed from the #BAF wave. 

Storm does not come with a lot of paint details. In fact, aside from the hair, her face, there isn't much aside form the colors of the plastic she has. However, what variation of colors she is given does compliment each other well. The "leather" looks different form her vest, to her pants, and her boots. The skin color also plays as a good juxtapose to her overall black theme. This is a good example of an action figure from Hasbro that doesn't need a lot of paint work, but just needs the right colors.

Posing Storm around was quite easy because, honestly, she doesn't do as much agile-like fighting--from my knowledge, she does more so in this outfit, but for the most part, why would she need to? Ororo can control the weather! With this mold, I was able to get her in the poses I needed to. I should have posed her kicking Cyclop's butt because I have that action figure that would go with this! It must be noted that it's very rare that I adore an action figure that lacks variety in alternate hands, faces, and the such, but with Storm, a character that I am not truly invested in, I think what she comes with is good enough. I got some pretty Storm-like poses and for that, I think this Marvel Legends of her is adequate--I like the photoshoot I got from her. 

Overall, I had fun with Storm's photoshoot. Again, not nearly as much accessories as she should have, but in the end, what we were given served more than enough considering it helped with another action figure. Great choices of plastic to represent the character, expected and decent articulation, and a good choice, even if limited accessories... All in all, Punk Rock Storm is a pretty fun Marvel Legends to add to my collection! 

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