• Onyx

Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF: Wolverine (90s)

#Hasbro revisits a very classic and well known costume for Marvel's most popular mutant, and why wouldn't they? Something to go along with the 90s Sabertooth from the same wave, a Marvel Legends of Wolverine in his Jim Lee/90s/Tiger Stripe outfit is something that is more than welcome amongst Marvel Legends collectors. So how does this fare to an already busy Wolverine filled collection? Let's find out!

I am a Wolverine fan. I can't say that he is my favorite Marvel character, but I can say he is up there on my top ten. The antihero style makes him relatable and the fact that he just keeps going, and going, and going even when the odds are against him is something I truly admire (of course a healing factor like his helps). While he was a natural born killer thanks to his past, Logan was always that jerk with a heart of gold kind of guy. Despite his reputation, he was always the first one to defend those who can't defend themselves, he had a soft spot for children, and when it came down to it, he was the first one to trade blows, take a hit, or kill for his teammates no matter how much he doesn't like said teammate. My favorite run of Wolverine was when he led the black ops team of X-Force--especially when Domino was in the mix! Definitely one of the best times I thought he was written and definitely was my favorite costume of Wolverine. This particular costume is classic but not at all my favorite. But as far as Wolverine goes, it's his attitude, his never ending commitment to win, his loyalty, and his rich history with the rest of the Marvel Universe that makes him memorable to me.

Let it be known that the claws on this Wolverine is not as clean nor is it anywhere near as perfectly placed as this promotional shot.

I'm going to give Hasbro some recognition for trying with the alternate hands despite how useless it is in my opinion. Why is it useless? Because the fists with claws can simply have said claws taken out and turn it into a fist without Wolverine's signature weapons. The alternate hands are non-claw fists, which, again, rather obsolete given the fact that we already have that option with the first pair of hands. I think open hands with some kind of gesture would have done well. Or an unmasked face, maybe (which I'm sure they'll save for another release of this action figure).