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Marvel Legends: Archangel

Updated: May 5, 2019

Another one of my hauls from the final weeks of 2018 is Archangel. I've always wanted an awesome action figure of the Angel of Death and there has been one or two Hasbro versions of him. I missed the mark on those Marvel Legends, but I'm glad I got this one! Without further adieu, let's check out my review on Marvel Legends Archangel 2018! Take flight!

This action figure is a special release or should I say a normal release? These days, Marvel Legends are just normally seen as BAF sets but believe it or not, there was a time when Marvel Legends just came as a single no build a figure part included. But that was a time long past and these days, any Marvel Legend NOT released in a BAF set are usually considered special release (Marvel Stud10s wave, Rider Series, etc). I'm glad that they did release Archangel outside of a BAF piece though because he has some good things to offer being outside that realm. Just his wing span alone would make him hard to fit in a regular box, which is probably why they went with this bigger box. Said box also allows Hasbro to store more accessories with him, which I will get into in a few here. All in all, despite the larger box, this still very much has the feel of a marvel Legend packaging and that is a plus on Hasbro for consistency. Also, the side art is a pretty basic pose for the former Four Horsemen of Apocalypse and is drawn pretty good. And, of course, Hasbro makes it a point that this is an X-Men Marvel Legend with the big "X-Men" letting in front of the box. Again, pretty basic and very familiar Marvel Legend box despite it being bigger.

For a pose that is a bit neutral, that's actually pretty good. Ominous and very serious.

From the looks of it, it doesn't seem like Archangel doesn't come with a lot of accessories. In the grand scheme of it, he doesn't but those alternate faces does a lot and it shows Hasbro's potential for their attention to detail when they do a little research. The wings I don't consider an accessory since it's part of the character but I am just showcasing that it is removable. The last piece of accessory is actually not for Archangel; it's an addition BAF piece for Apocalypse from last year. It's a neat little gimmick that Hasbro is doing (reminds me of what Mafex with Harley Quinn) and it might bring new life to the #BAF system. I just wish that Archangel came with more like a blaster or a drill, something. Missed opportunity with this new gimmick, but hey, it's a start.

After Warren was stripped off his Angel form and turned into Archangel, he became, for a short while, a member of the Four Horsemen; he was obviously a villain and he fought against his former teammates. Eventually he regained his senses and rejoined the X-Men where he kept his metal wings and remained Archangel. Honestly, he was more useful since his wings were lethal on their own and they could shoot sharp blades. His story arcs may have revolved a bit too much around Apocalypse and his inner Angel of Death, but the idea of him was cool and his costume, his original Archangel costume and the X-Force variant that came later was also cool looking. It's not overly complicating but the color schemes and the way it's done with certain artists make it interesting enough. Of course, Archangel's bread and butter is his metallic wings that are sometimes just a pair but at times a quad. For the Marvel Legends version of him, Hasbro decided to go with the quad and that's not a bad choice at all. The Bucky Cap body is also not a bad choice by any means since it is an average male body type, which means muscular, fit, and what you would expect from a comic book character. The wings are also well done though the plastic that connects Warren's wings to his body looks a bit out of place and I Feel could have been done better. It's only glaring at some angles and I'm not sure what else Hasbro could have done to make it better.

There's not much sculpting that goes on with Archangel in terms of his body. All that glory goes to his wings which is done pretty well. The metallic feathers are all the result of sculpting handiwork and they resemble how they look both in the comic books and how I remember them in the animated series.

Paint wise, one can expect the same thing from Hasbro and depending where you stand, it's either a good thing or a bad; for me, it's mostly good. Warren's design on his body are all painted and done cleanly. For a character that is mostly dominantly blue for both his costume and skin, I like the different shades of blue used for his suit and his face; it truly reminds me of the comic books. His wings has hit nice silver metallic shine that makes it stand out. Not much to say in this area.

The first of Archangel's alternate face is the standard look that he is commonly drawn and seen in the comic books and that is the 'masked' head. Again, nicely done on the paint and clean lines. It's expression is stern and battle ready, versatile for all kinds of posing.

Definitely Archangel's most recognizable design with the norm face.

Archangel not only got a fancy set of metal wings that are deadly as they are more useful, he also got a new shade of tanned skin. The blue skin may definitely get him in the Blue Team of the X-Men more than he would like, but it is also Warren's more recognizable trait aside from his wings. The second face is just Warren Worrthington calm and non hostile. Not too bad but it's my least favorite head sculpt.

Despite it being my least favorite, it does have a good affect with his golden locks slightly flowing to the side. It looks like his hair is flowing with his flight.

Then there's the unmasked psychopath Warren Worthington III. This one is a good face because it has that sardonic and very evil look that truly matches what I would think a rich boy Horseman of Apocalypse. Just that emotion alone gives him enough creep vibe to change the dynamics of his poseability without having alternate hands or any kind of change with what we are already given. He can hover in flight while looking down, he can have his wings folded with a neutral stance, he can have his wings fully spread out as if taunting and forcing his enemies to attack. It may not be an original face sculpt (from my understanding this was used with the Magus alternate face from a previous GoTG Marvel Legends action figure) but man does it fit the evil Warren Worthington.

Seriously, this is a simple pose but I think it just looks really good and fits with this alternate head.

This head sculpt I vaguely remember in the animated series and I'm not sure if it even appears in the comic books. Probably does. It's different and the decal for the nose and mouth is a bit cheesy but I like the gold color that clashes with the rest of his color scheme especially with the silver. It looks good though for a juxtapose idea.

It's suppose to be menacing and in some ways it accomplishes that.

There's no real surprise when it comes to Archangel's articulation when we are talking about the body. It's a pretty standard Marvel Legends body that can do some good poses given enough accessories and all that. The wings is where I can really say Archangel stands out. The main pair of wings has swivel on the back where the wings connect to the body, then halfway on the wings, there's also another joint that allows the wings to fold in half both in and out. The wings are connected on a ball joint to the piece that attaches to Archangel that allows said wings to have angled poses. The smaller pair of wings may only have a swivel but that not its own gives more dynamic to the wings that I like it. I was able to pull off some good flight poses thanks to the wings range of movements and the Bucky Cap mold's standard articulation. But the elephant in the room is the flight stand; it doesn't come with the action figure so if you want Archangel to have some dynamic flight you have to go outside of Hasbro.

Speaking of outside, here's Archangel next to his former master Apocalypse (equipped with the new BAF part) and his off-on lover, Psylocke. Warrens' not a fan of someone playing grabby-grabby with his hot Brittish-Asian girlfriend.

Verdict? Well a long time ago I was a HUGE fan of Archangel. I wanted an action figure like this one for so long and even now being a somewhat casual fan of the Angel of Death, I think the value remains the same. It's a rerelease of an action figure I didn't get before so it's definitely new for me. The articulated wings sells it and the faces he comes with is nice. To have an extra part for Apocalypse is a nice touch and I wish that if Hasbro continues to do this gimmick, I do hope they continue to improve on it. With that said, I have a feeling that they will do an X-Force variant in the future. I'm totally getting it for sure! Do one of Wolverine and Psylocke too while you're at it, Hasbro!

Until Next Time!

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