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Marvel Legends BAF: Thanos (Infinity War)

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Destiny Awaits!

The Mad Titan made his way through the #MCU and decimated the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and just about everyone, really. It was more than apparent for Hasbro that a BAF Marvel Legends Thanos would do something for Cinematic and Comic book fans of Infinity War alike. Having reviewed the other figures that makes up Thanos, it's time to review this action figure and see if he is as awesome as a snap of his finger.

#Thanos has got some size to him. Well, truthfully, he has more mass than height, which is what one would expect from the Mad Titan. Having him with some girth really sets him apart from regular 6 inch figures of the #Marvel_Legends line. He definitely is a good choice as a #BAF gimmick. Everything else about his sculpting is done well. With another #MCU based figure, we have ourselves another unique body mold. His arms is just not another big man arms; it has its own sculpting that is unique to Thanos with the lines going down or what not, then of course the left hand has the highly detailed Infinity Gauntlet, which I will have a separate section for it to look into the pivotal accessory that Thanos wears.

Thanos' face also retains the familiar and iconic look that seemed to have translated well to comic book to cinematic and now to plastic form. He has those familiar bumps on his chin and one can see a haggard but determined warrior. Not a versatile expression, but more on that later.

The way Thanos' clothing is done is a testament of just how much #Hasbro puts on their Marvel Cinematic Universe line. The texturing is done so well that you can tell the difference of material between his pants and his upper apparel, with the latter feeling like some kind of armor/harder material, while the pants have a wrinkled sculpt giving an illusion of realism. The parts that are 'metal' or at least not cloth (space cloth? I don't know), does have nice sculpting and good choices of color, which of course brings me to the next part I want to talk about.

The paint applications on this guy is marvelous. Despite not having a lot of paint variations in terms of shading/shadowing, what we are given is clean work both in application and choices of color. It helps differentiate between the materials of his clothing and his skin is consistent and pretty close to his cinematic color (lacking some skin detailing). My only real complaint, and kind of a big one since we are talking about Thanos, is how bland the Infinity Gauntlet looks paint wise. Don't misconstrue, I believe there are plenty of sculpting, detailing, and attention to the cinematic appearance of the said item, it's just the color doesn't do it justice. Then again, there is the 3-pack (info courtesy of Shartimus Prime), so I suppose we'll see if they do anything different with that Infinity Gauntlet. Other than that, pretty solid coloring.

As far as his artitulation goes, I can't say there was anything that wowed me, nor was there anything that disappointed me. If anything else, Thanos is suffering from the 'lack of accessories' area and that issues can do a lot for and against an action figure's pose-ability. Though it's not like one is expecting Thanos to do the splits or anything ridiculous but without some face swap outs and alternate hands (a gauntlet hand snapping fingers perhaps?!), it really takes away from the figure. Still, I enjoyed the pics I did get of Thanos.

Here is Hasbro BAF (MCU) Thanos next to Marvel Select Thanos and Hasbro BAF (modern comic book) Thanos. It's neat seeing these three because they represent different points of Thanos' time line.

In short, I love this Thanos figure. It has its faults, that's for sure, but I already knew what I was getting into the moment I started seeing some reviews on him. This is actually the first BAF wave in a while that I can honestly say that the BAF itself outshined the figures that made it up. And I'll admit that I wasn't a fan of Thanos' overall appearance in Infinity War since his iconic shoulder pads and helmet were all off, but I have to say, that movie sold me and now I actually like how he looks. So with that said, I recommend this action figure, but I don't know if I can say the same for the wave itself. With all that said, it's time to rank this wave!

Consisting of: Taskmaster, Iron Spider, King Cobra, Steve Rogers, Songbird, and Proxima Midnight

Lowest(ONE) number being my least, highest(EIGHT) being my favorite:

  1. Iron Man - It's not in the picture because I ended up returning him. That figure just looked lackluster AND he didn't come with a BAF piece so it was an easy pass!

  2. Iron Spider - Great sculpting and coloring but no accessories at all? That and it's a Tom Holland Spider-Boy so definitely an easy pass for me.

  3. Taskmaster - I didn't need or want a Taskmaster figure. This one is mediocre.

  4. Songbird - She fell hard because I was really looking forward to this figure and she disappointed me.

  5. King Cobra - Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun with this figure. Not a figure I initially thought I'd enjoy, but lo and behold, I did!

  6. Steve Rogers - Another figure that really took me by surprise. Not a fan of how Cap looked in the movie, but had fun taking pics of him.

  7. Proxima Midnight - This figure definitely was not expected to have a lot of fun factor but she did.

  8. Thanos - DEFINITELY the highlight of the wave. Not too often that the BAF is the main attraction.

That's about it for this wave! Hope you all enjoyed my review!

Until Next Time!

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