• Onyx

Marvel Legends BAF: Warlock

Updated: May 5, 2019

It took some time to really get the Warlock BAF set review going; go figure with December and all the Holiday craziness! Regardless, here we are with the #2017 Warlock BAF action figure! Let's check him out and see if he stood the one year test of time!

There are two Warlocks in the Marvel Universe and this New Mutants character is not the first one that comes to my mind. Regardless, #Hasbro made the decision to make him a BAF and thus why we have here in action figure form. Truthfully, I don't know much about Warlock other than what I saw in the animated series of X-Men and my glimpses of the Phalanx Convention saga. I know that he is an alien being capable of possessing others and he can change forms at will and change his arms into weapons. I also know that he is a goof and has his own way of speaking. And that's as far as my knowledge with this character goes. Obviously I don't have any attachment but as an action figure, I think this is one of those characters that truly tested Hasbro's ability to deliver in terms of details, likeness, and just the overall presentation. Let me just say right now that if Hasbro did spend as much time with known characters like the time they spent with Warlock, I feel they'll be at a better place.

As far as Hasbro's replication of Warlock, it's actually pretty darn good. Warlock has a lot of weird details to him as a character and his Marvel Legends form captured most if not all of it (It is also worth taking note that his form changes quite frequently so he will never have the same visual designs panel by panel). Every area has a lot of unique sculpting, rivets, designs, and just overall painstaking work put into Warlock. From head to toe there is much to admire and it's hard to fathom that Hasbro is even capable of this for a regular BAF figure.

Along with the addition of coating of gold here and there, Warlock is given this inorganic look and makes him stand out as if he doesn't belong... exactly how he looks in the comic books: a complete alien and out of place. While the paint job seems random, it definitely serves to be as accurate as possible to the comic book version of Warlock.