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Marvel Legends Warlock BAF: Dazzler

Updated: May 5, 2019

Speaking of a character that is out of time, Here we have Allison Blare, or better know to the Marvel Universe as Dazzler. Let's just jump right in to the review and check out the Marvel Legends of Dazzler.

Dazzler is another character created from a time when Disco was the thing. With that sentence, it's pretty obvious that she's out of time. And with characters in the Marvel Universe (comics) don't or HARDLY age, it's really hard to justify Dazzler being around young and sprung as she is and still just a few years older in this modern day (a few years, as in maybe five at the max). And it's not as easy to say that she's been frozen in time and keep adding decades to that duration like Captain America. For lack of a better phrase, Dazzler really got left behind... but that doesn't mean that she wasn't a fun character at one point. I mean, the choice of costume for Allison in Marvel Legends form truly pays homage to her firs appearance days. Disco outfit, roller skates, and that hair (the action figure has a different hair style than the artwork)! As I said, out of time, but a fun concept for sure.

And that's as much of a pose as Dazzler can really get; it its. And I love the fact that they highlighted the roller skates!

Dazzler does not come with a lot of accessories (surprise, surprise), but what she does come with highlights her character. We've seen that special effect a few times before but having it with multi color is a nice change of pace. Disco lights! And she comes with a microphone and a BAF piece.

I won't go in detail about Dazzler since I know very little about her. My run ins with her through comic books is just as small so I can hardly even speak on her aside from wikipedia can provide about her. I also don't have a full gamut of her powers so I won't try and go in detail about that either. As far as her aesthetics, I actually think she has one of the most fitting outfit for the time back then. Roller skates? Disco ball necklace? Arm bands? All white collared jump suit? Perfect. Then those eye painting/make up! As I mentioned, her hairstyle doesn't match the artwork for the box but the finished sculpted hair actually matches the timeline that Dazzler was created. As a Marvel Legend, Hasbro actually did a fantastic job. Like Dagger, Dazzler sports an all white outfit that doesn't get any paint variation, but she does get a new sculpted piece with her torso; the collar and all. The roller skates are also new and with the new head sculpt, Dazzler actually feels like a brand new body mold at times even if a majority of her are recycled parts.

I've already mentioned the lack of paint variation on the white outfit. It's well done just like Dagger; makes a plain color on a plainly painted figure look good. The skin tone is fantastic and the there are paint details on her curly hair. There are some angles that one can see the color inconsistency between her chest/new sculpted piece and the lower half. Not a deal breaker by any means though.

Posing Dazzler around was actually easy and a bit fun. It helps that Dazzler is not the nimble kind of super heroine. She has a mic and a blast effect so that works out just fine. Also, standing her up is a little easier with the roller skates. Oh yeah, just to clear it out, said roller skates doesn't actually have wheels. They're just molded plastic. That doesn't bother me but if they added it, would have been some major cookie points to Hasbro for making an effort. Though the cost would not have paid off since it's not really a function that a lot of action figure collectors want and are looking for. One thing I will say is that lack of double jointed elbows hurts for some singing poses. But that's part of the flaws of the female action figures so I expected it; especially for a 2017 Marvel Legend.

The concept of the character is fun and it's not a totally bad action figure either. Expect the same flaws and don't over estimate its fun factor and you won't be disappointed. An obscure and not really a pivotal X-(wo)man character, but she is part of the mutant teams' history so she is in some way a must. But other than that, that's all I got.

Until Next Time!

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