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Marvel Legends Monster Venom BAF: Scream

Updated: May 5, 2019

She-Venoms are a huge thing in the Symbiote fandom world. There are alternate She-Venoms where Marvel Superheroines are taken over by symbiotes, OC She-Venoms, then of course, there are the canon 616 She-Venoms like Ann Weying, Agony, and then Scream. Out of all of those, I think Scream came out popular for a while. So glad that they came out with a new Marvel Legends for Scream. Let's check her out.

Ann Weying took the mantle of Venom for a short while (with some good #DiD scenes too), Mania also had the (Agent)Venom look going on, and then there was Agony & Scream who were spawned from the Venom symbiote in a forceful manner. There were plenty of others that joined the fray of She-Venoms over the years and most likely, more are on the way but Scream stood out for a bit and even within obscurity and flooding of symbiote characters, Scream remains prominent in my mind as a She-Venom. Maybe its the design of the tentacle like hair or maybe its the yellow and red color that reminds me of Spider-Woman, or maybe because during her time, she and Agony were the only She-Venoms. Regardless, I'm glad we have her now in #Hasbro's golden age. Also, that side art is awesome!

Seeing Scream in a Venom wave is so pleasing! We have Lasher and now Scream, here's to hoping that we get Phage, Agony, and Riot.

I don't want to talk about this right now. I probably will but this is so common in this wave it's ridiculous.

Donna Diego actually has an interesting side of her that led her other than your typical run on the mill person who got a symbiote. She was responsible for the murder of the other spawned symbiotes due to her schizophrenia, which, right off the get go, it is implied that she would be the main stay of the Life Foundations' Venom-like creations. Though she has always looked the most interesting and along with the symbiotes' trademark of passing on some pretty cool power sets plus her Medusa-like hair, Scream never got as much screen panel as I would like and nowadays, Donna is dead in the main Marvel Universe. Still, she garnered enough fandom and there are more than a handful of fanart littering all over the place including DeviantArt. I'm glad she hasn't fully faded into nothingness and with the Venom movie getting some good financial success (though bombed critically), hopefully we see Scream with a somewhat comic accurate look.

I'm impressed with what #Hasbro did with Scream. I love the aesthetics and despite mostly recycled action figure, what new mold we are given makes Donna stand out. The face and the hair is just sublime and definitely makes her unique. It also helps that the parts that are reused are not bad parts at all and it actually fits with the character's build.

As far as paint goes, I do think Hasbro missed the mark a bit. No, it's not badly painted but most artwork I have seen has Scream's red hair match the rest of the red going all over her body. I would definitely preferred her having that red gloss that is running down her hair as the main shade of red that is all over her body rather than the darker red. I would have liked to have seen more red on the hair like on the tips of her tendrils, and definitely the back of her body could have used more variations of red. The yellow they picked is pretty good actually and has a shine to it, which I always think Symbiotes are a little shiny because of their liquid like nature. The eyes and mouth are done pretty good and really resembles her comic book face. Overall, she doesn't look that bad, but again, personal preference with that red.

Until Hasbro completely changes the formula, I think I'm going always going to have the same comments about this department. I mean, articulation is pretty standard with Scream and nothing surprising here. The female mold has the usual faults and good quality. As expected just from eye'ing her, Scream's head is hindered quite a bit thanks to that hair. For a character that is nimble and usually does a lot of acrobatic stuff, that can be a bit dejecting. Once again, the extra effort on accessories might have helped, though I know crafting an alternate head with 'dynamic hair' would up the price on this so I can see why Hasbro didn't go that route. Though alternate hands might have been more useful or something that would have given Scream something different to chew on other than the 'usual' antics of Hasbro with their Marvel Legends line.

Here is Hasbro's Scream next to a very old Toybiz Scream. I can see the gimmick with those tendrils with the Toybiz Scream and would have loved to have seen something similar applied to our current Scream Marvel Legends. But you know, we did not. But obviously, Hasbro's version of Scream is much more appealing.

Here is Scream next to Ann Weying She-Venom from the same Toybiz Wave the Scream came from. Would love to see Hasbro tackle the original "She-Venom" in our modern age. Heck, I have a feeling a wave 2 of Venom Marvel Legends is on the way.

In conclusion, I think Scream is a pretty good addition to my Venom/Symbiote shelf. I think the addition of her definitely implies that we are getting the other symbiotes from the Lethal Protector days of Venom. Still failing short of Hasbro's ongoing sinful tendencies of not giving us accessories, Scream, however, looks good and she definitely pays homage to her comic book counterpart. Here's to hoping to more She-Venoms in the future!

Until Next Time!

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