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Marvel Legends Puff Adder BAF: Iron Man (Extremis)

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

A #Marvel_Legends? In 2023? That's right! I never said I retired (least I don't think so), but I did say I'd slow down. And I did. But, there are action figures I can't help but pick up. Extremis Iron Man is a must so without further adieu, let's get to reviewing this Marvel Legends, shall we?

One thing to talk about right away is the lack of a clear window for the packaging. Yes, all of this changed during my hiatus with Marvel Legends. Saving plastic and the notion has ups and downs, that's for sure. Not being to see the action figure itself through a window is kind of frustrating. But as someone who doesn't buy Marvel Legends as much, it's not going to make me lose any sleep. But it's definitely a different playing field for sure. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

The Iron Man pose. Alternate hands and repulsor blast. No layout to show what action figures are in this wave. But I don't collect #BAFs these days.

All these years and Marvel Legends still hasn't really stepped up their game with accessories. Just the prices are racked up higher than I'd say most of these figures are worth.

Now the Extremis suit is definitely one of my favorite armor. Along with Modular and Silver Centurion, this has a nice flare that sticks true to Iron Man's usual design but gives it a sleek, small, but intimidating look to it. It's got details that aren't discreet, but it's not exactly extravagant. Dominantly red and the small hints of gold definitely gives contrast. As far as sculpting goes, Hasbro did a fine job getting as many of the details as possible. I like the metallic look, every piece has sculpted lines, the original sculpt only made for the Extremis (for now), and the nooks and crannies with every piece's design. I appreciate the accuracy--and that helmet piece too! While this armor isn't particularly bulky, it's not skin-tight either, making it look like armor. Everything that makes me like the design carries over to the Hasbro piece. I do have some small qualms with the choice of coloring, but that's for the next area.

Even the back has so much work done on it!

The painting and/or the choice of plastic isn't terrible, but as I said, I have some issues. A metallic shine would have suited this Marvel Legends figure. It's not necessarily Hasbro's fault since this is how Iron Man looked colorwise during the Extremis run. There's a dull but dare I say bold look to him during that time.

I feel like they really tried to mimic that dark, a bit mute, but still, have that Tony Stark flare. I feel that the paint and plastic did a good job with that--it's not the most vibrant paint job, but it looks good as a figure for sure. It's accurate and clean. Definitely, something I won't complain about.

Of course, the stand and the blue repulsors is not part of this figure.

Here is Marvel Legends Puff Adder BAF next to Marvel Legends Terrax BAF. Again, that metallic shine would look good for the newer version but one can't deny that the proportion, the details... the new one takes the gold. I suggest replacing that older one.

I highly recommend this new one. It's a no-brainer. The #BAF itself is something I can skip but Extremis Iron Man is one of my favorite armor. The small preference for the color is something that doesn't take anything away from this action figure. It's accurate, it's well articulated, and while years later MLs get more expensive, the accessories are still an issue. But, it's a must for me, that's for sure!

Until Next Time!

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