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Marvel Legends Sasquatch BAF: Domino

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The other figure from this wave I was highly anticipating. Yes, it seems that I just want to grab 90% of the female figures that comes out. There's a good reason, of course. At any rate, let's get the Marvel Legends Domino reviewed!

We can already see my pet peeve with Hasbro with just the box alone. Though at least she comes with two guns so she's not completely bare. Though it's kind of funny that the BAF piece is almost as big as her--seriously, it is. As for the side art, it's not as attracting as I would like it to be. There have been many artists who have drawn Domino, and this isn't my favorite artwork of her. Still, better than the Cinematic look that they are going for.

The last piece and the last figure for the Sasquatch BAF wave! And why does Domino's head look too damn big in that picture?

I guess it could be worse. But I like the guns she has, I Just don't like the fact that they are all one color; but more details means more price. I think they're new guns too so that's a plus. Still, alternate hands and faces are always better. Maybe I'm #Figma spoiled, or something.

The moment I saw this during promotion, I knew I wanted this figure. Not only is Domino one of my favorite Marvel gals, she's also needed a new Marvel Legends form and I'm glad that #Hasbro provided. I'm not sure if that's because of the new Deadpool movie, or just because--I'm leaning on DP2's release. Still, the body is quite nice. Smaller stature and definitely fitting for Neena. The molded pieces are nice even if most of them are recycled. I love the added parts like the belts and straps, and the way the hair is made, definitely a homage to a modernized Domino. She had a different hairstyle back when she reentered the spotlight on Wolverine's New X-Force, but this one is good enough, suffice to say. I just have to say that it's a job well done on this mold.

Domino is not a very colorful person; at least not in her modern day appearance. She's mostly black and white, which is a representation of her moniker. But I have to say, there is something about the way Hasbro pulled this off that really did the trick. The white is cleanly painted and goes off well with the black clothing; her hair has a slightly different tint that it sticks out from the rest of the clothing, then the silver/grey parts does give her enough contrast. And as much as I don't like the purple guns, it does offer the slight reminder of her old color scheme of purple, blue, and black (white the white skin). The face, while dominantly black and white, she does have a slight blue tint on her lips, which definitely gives it depth. Again, simple, but genius. One thing I do wish that Hasbro did that I saw a customizer pulled off was a red X-Force emblem on her belt buckle. That would have been more appropriate. Still, can't complain too much.

She was a ton of fun articulating, that's for sure. She's pretty standard with this common female body, but there was something very natural with Domino that just made things fun getting pics of her. Whether it be just her shooting things, or some neutral poses with her guns, I had a lot of fun with this photoshoot.

Maybe I shouldn't judge the Cinematic Version of Domino just yet, but, THIS IS MY DOMINO.

Wish she had pouches for her guns though.

Here she is next to X-Force Wolverine, one of her lovers. I wish they stayed together since that was just a fun story arc with these two. I love their dynamic, way more than her and Deadpool.

At the end of the day, I knew I was going to like this figure the moment I saw her in promotion; as long as I didn't have quality issues and/or completely lacking accessories, she was going to be high up there in my Marvel Legends catch. Domino is one of those Marvel Heroines that doesn't get the spotlight enough and she has powers that are kind of unique, even if at times, slightly convoluted. For anyone looking for a new upgrade for their Domino, this one isn't that bad at all. Definitely better than the last few figures of Dominos we have gotten; I don't own any of them, but I wasn't inclined to get them because of their price and their aesthetics. This one is still new so she's retail price and she's simply designed and accurate to the comic book. For the Domino fans out there, this one is a beauty! I recommend her!

Until Next Time!

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