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Marvel Legends Sasquatch BAF: X-Force Deadpool

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Another Deadpool figure in the same wave? Don't you know? It's a #Deadpool wave! Besides, this is X-Force Marvel Legends Deadpool so it's something different; I suppose. But enough of that, let's check this guy out.

Now this is the kind of Deadpool figure that we are familiar with: accessories galore. It may not be as much as the one we saw in the Juggernaut wave, but he still has a lot. I'll talk about it when we hit the next section, but for now, let's enjoy Deadpool's X-Force side art!

Aside from the obvious photoshopping, the promotional picture in the back shows a pretty accurate figure. Other than the fact that the right hand is off since his pinky does not stick out for this version.

The BAF piece, a pair of katanas, a toy gun, and an odd rifle. He has a decent set of weaponry, but he is still missing an alternate hand since his right hand can't hold the katanas correctly. And why the toy gun? And why blue hints for the rifle?

This is a pretty good looking Deadpool body since it's actually a very common body mold: the Bucky Cap mold. Not much to complain and not much to get super excited for. I will say that the things they added to make this body unique to Deadpool (the head, the straps, etc) are all nicely done. I do like the sword sheathes, they do their job well. The gun holster also holds the... gun well so I that's a great thing. Other than that, standard and VERY familiar body. Also, this X-Force Deadpool is a reissue of a previous Hascon exclusive that came with more accessories.

One can even see the hole for the shield! At any rate, I'm not totally against the choice of grey for Deadpool, but I would have preferred it to be darker. The X-Force colors were meant to adhere to the black ops idea, so the darker, the grittier, the stealthier (though the red eyes had to be toned down to lean on the idea of discreet, don't they?), the bloodier the kills. Beyond that, I don't have many qualms. The paint applications are clean enough and serves the purpose.

Now to point out my biggest complaints with this figure are his guns. While I understand that Deadpool is a goofy character and sometimes he does thing in an unorthodox manner, a water gun at his disposal? The rifle doesn't do any better since it's warped and that blue tint on the top makes it look fake as well. If it was one of Deadpool's wackier costume (the X-Men one, for example), then I'd understand. But for his Black Ops attire? Definitely not my favorite scheme that Hasbro pulled out.

When it comes to articulation though, of course this guy does pretty well for himself! When I think of the Bucky Cap mold, I think of the body mold that set the standard for Marvel Legends articulation. It has most of what collectors are looking for. So if one is used to recycled body, then there is nothing to be disappointed about (to to be excited about, depending on how one sees it).

My main gripe with this figure are his guns that are out of character, even for Deadpool; at least with this version of Deadpool, anyways. He's a black ops type, surely he won't bring a water gun to a gun fight! Maybe he will. Regardless, I still don't like the idea of that. He also has a problem with his right hand holding his katanas, which is a bummer, but all in all, I can say that this X-Force Marvel Legends Deadpool is better than the previous Deadpool that we got from this wave. He's also better than the older X-Force figure that I have (I can't find it) from another wave, so I do believe this one is a keeper. Deadpool fans can rejoice if one does not have another X-Force Deadpool in their collection. This may not come packed with accessories that Deadpool is known for, but at least we can swap out the weapons! Definitely was a blast to take a pic of him!

Until Next Time!

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