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Marvel Legends Sp//dr BAF: Cloak and Dagger

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

This is a pair review for a #Marvel_Legends that is not a 2-Pack. Because Cloak and Dagger are so intertwined, their action figure form is going to be reviewed together. As we go through the review, it's going to make more sense since one figure isn't really a figure on his own. So without further adieu, here is the Marvel Legends of Cloak & Dagger!

Exact same packaging, so not much to really say about this. But I like the logo, and how it is based around them. I have been a lukewarm fan of the two since I found out about them in Maximum Carnage. I like the idea of them, though they have never really been a big hitter n the Marvel Universe; though I do remember Cloak in the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline where Thanos decimated him after Cloak tried to swallow the Mad Titan inside his cloak.

I'm willing to bet that part of the reason why they were pushed into this wave was because of the duo's newly aired TV series (I haven't watched it yet). Still, a little too many extended family in one wave. However, the artwork on the side had always been great in this entire wave. Though they seem to have made Cloak and Dagger look older than how I picture them in the comics. Then again, characters grow and Maximum Carnage was an event that happened years ago.

Once again, #Hasbro is paying attention to the characters! The pose here implies that Dagger is coming out of Cloak; a trademark that the two do in the comics.

Not a whole lot of accessories. For Cloak, he comes with the BAF piece only and no accessories. Dagger comes with her light daggers(wow, that's surprising name for her attack) and Sp//dr's body. It's really a downfall of these figures.

Starting out with Cloak, the main thing to really pay attention with him is his cloak (duh), and for that, they did a good job with the sculpt of it. Accurate to the comics with the blue and black color, the hood looks good, the wrinkles on him looks amazing as well. This cloak is brand new sculpt and definitely exclusive to said character. The face sculpt is also done well with all the details of Cloak's stoic but very serious expression. Other than that, you don't get much else since Cloak's body is a mundane all black plastic, which, for all intent and purpose, works for him since he is usually depicted without a body or having a body devoid of anything but darkness. It fits, it makes sense, but it just doesn't sit well when we are talking about an action figure that is by himself.

Coloring wise, Cloak has a lot to offer. It's a combination of the clean paint application and the choice of plastic that gives Cloak's signature apparel some 'mystical' and mysterious life. And the face is done well, nothing sloppy. And as for the body, while I did say that it's pretty bland, it does compliment Cloak. As much as it can, aesthetically, it really is a modern and definitive representation of Cloak in Marvel Legends form, for now, anyways.

Articulation wise, this is where Cloak really falls apart. Because the cloak is really stiff, we won't get a ton of movements from Tyrone. Luckily, the hooded head is separate from the main cloak that we can get head rotation. Also, I got this idea from ShartimusPrime to invert the cloak to give Tyrone this hovering illusion, or have Dagger stand inside of the cloak to pay homage to their usual comic book antics. It works well, but I just wish they gave us some alternate cloak swap outs. Honestly, I feel as if Cloak should have been another accessory to Dagger. Might seem 'demeaning', but the two are usually known as Cloak and Dagger... I can't picture one without the other.

Dagger on the other hand, compared to Cloak, is basically a repainted body mold catering to a 'new' character. With Dagger's costume design, I don't entirely fault Hasbro for doing this. I do think they could have sculpted somethings here and there, but again, Dagger doesn't have a lot of intricate things in her costume. Though the new part, the head sculpt, the hair(?), it's pretty good. Hasbro is definitely the superior retail toy line that can make pretty females and give them a somewhat organic look. Of course their Cinematic Action Figures are usually better since they use the printing technology while comic book characters are just given a generic, but now quality, looking face. Again, the highlight of the figure since we have seen the body before, we have seen the hands before, and she doesn't have a lot to go for. Good body for Dagger, I have to say.

Not much else to really say about Dagger's coloring. It looks good even if it is plain and safe. The hair looks nice and her pain applications are clean, especially on her face. Again, nothing out of the norm to expect.

Articulation for Dagger is pretty standard so no real surprises here either. As always, female molds don't get double jointed elbows, hindered head movement because of the hair, and with her costume design, using her ab swivel does make the cut out on her costume look odd. Her light dagger effects does add more depth to her so that much I can really appreciate.

In conclusion, it really is hard to say that Cloak and Dagger are amazing action figures. Cloak having the aesthetics but lacking any dynamic depth and then there's Dagger who has an accessory and the range of movement, but nothing new to really make her stand out. I honestly think I would appreciate these two if they just packed them as one. I think having Cloak and Dagger be that figure in the wave that doesn't come with the BAF part but have each other. They could have gone getting rid of Cloak's black body and just gave us two cloak variants and then Dagger the way she is with the light dagger effect. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. But this is the first Marvel Legends representation of Cloak and Dagger that we got. Toybiz never did them so to actually have these two in action figure forms is really something to appreciate. Flawed and somewhat underwhelming, I am still glad I have them! They're that couple in the Marvel Universe that is always going to be there even if their popularity was never up there with Spider-Man or Daredevil. So that's my review on these action figures!

Until Next Time!

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