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Marvel Legends Sp//dr BAF: Elektra

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

#Marvel_Legends is a toy line that I am most definitely an avid collector for. Their latest Spider-Man wave is now in my hands and the first to review is none other than Elektra Natchios herself! Let's jump right in and check out Marvel Legends Elektra!

As the first action figure of the #BAF of the new #Spider_Man wave for the Spiderverse character: Sp//dr, Elektra isn't a bad representative. Though as the reviews go on and I check out the figures that make up this wave, I will say that they are doing a lot of teetering towards the 'extended family' of the Spider-Man mythos. I know that characters like Daredevil and Elektra may not have a market sustainable for an entire wave, which is why they are included within the Spider-Man wave. But there are a LOT of extended family in this wave and that has been going on for a long while now. I'm not sure if I'm 100% okay with it despite me understanding the reason why.

It's another one of those waves that has one action figure without a BAF piece. I'll talk about it more once we get to said action figure.

Elektra comes with her signature weapon and a BAF piece. I remember the #Toybiz Marvel Legends of Elektra way back when came with more than a few weapons so this is kind of a lackluster. No real surprise though.

To talk about Elektra, this is pretty much the Elektra I know that was running around with Daredevil and Wolverine. She was impractically dressed like Psylocke and she was decked out in red with those sais of hers. While there isn't a lot of sculpted parts other than the familiar body mold, the parts that are unique to Elektra's action figure is quite nice. The hair is done quite well with the way it flows and it just looks really dynamic. Elektra's face is also good and again, Hasbro has gotten to the point that their female faces are just uncanny.

The paint applications on Elektra are pretty good. Not a whole lot of detail when it comes to the coloring but the choices made for the red and skin tone compliments the figure well. With the right lighting, it can look really bright red and straight out of the comics. The paint on her face is pretty clean and nothing abnormal or hideous. All in all, it's Hasbro standard.

Elektra's articulation is a very familiar one through the handful of times we have come across this female body mold. All the standard range of movements can be found with Elektra as well as the flaws of not having double jointed elbows, hair sculpt hinders head movement, and that long part of her 'dress' makes certain poses look unconvincing because it doesn't 'flow' in the direction of the 'action'. Still, I'm quite grateful to have a classic Elektra in modern day articulation.

At the end of the day, I never really asked for an Elektra Marvel Legends but it's good to have a new one in replace of that hideous Toybiz one. However, lacking some extra weaponry, alternate hands, and not really anything new in terms of sculpting, I'd say this action figure gets a few points subtracted so it's around the mediocre grading line for me. But anyone wanting to have that 'street level' Marvel heroes display, Elektra is definitely a must and this Marvel Legends is a good looking figure. Well, that's about it for this figure!

Until Next Time!

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