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Marvel Legends Sp//dr BAF: House of M Spider-Man

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Another entry to my ever-growing #Spiderverse collection! Admittedly, a Marvel Legends of the House of M Spidey wasn't the most exciting thing when we are talking about a Spidverse idea, but hey, it's a Spider-Man action figure in a Spider-Man Marvel Legends Wave so it makes sense! Let's check the new Marvel Legends House of M Spider-Man!

House of M was an event that had a critical aftermath on the rest of the Marvel Universe. While it had some pretty nifty 'what if' scenarios, it really only had one point: to decimate the number of mutants in the Marvel 616 Universe. It was Marvel trying to ground things and rid it of its crowded super powered population. Again, neat idea, and it was a fun event. I like Spider-Man's story enough but it had its weird moments. I like the overall coating of his story though: Spider-Man lives a happy life. He is married to Gwen Stacy, is a popular actor, and the world accepted him because they thought he was a mutant. But it got a bit weird after that when he masqueraded as Green Goblin and attempted to ruin his own life? In the main universe, his life was constantly in shambles because of villains, so why would he do that when he finally had what he wanted? I guess like a famous song said: "you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness".

That's actually a pretty cool looking pose! Very Spider-Man like.

Oh yes! So much variety! WHAT? No alternate hands? No bald Spidey swap out that represents his House Of M version? Well, at least we get a webbing line.

Let's just start with the body mold: it's reused and very familiar. It's the Pizza Spidey body mold--good for a Spider-Man figure, but well used nonetheless. Honestly, I can't complain at the idea because... it's a good mold for a Spider-Man character. But with that 'safe zone' of Hasbro, comes an over saturation. The Bucky Cap mold is a body mold that is used over and over again; the one thing that really separates that for me is that the Pizza Spidey mold is used FOR Spider-Man for the most part, while the Bucky Cap mold has been used for a myriad of other Marvel characters. So when we have a Spider-Man figure, we are almost always reintroduced to the same body mold that is safe. Of course, quite recently, we got a new mold but it's not uncommon to see the Pizza Spidey represent a Spider-Man whether he is wearing one of his alternate outfits and/or a Spider-Man from another universe. Hosue of M Spidey is definitely a victim/example of that.

Now aside from the fact that there is no new sculpting for the figure, it's also a costume that I am not that much of a fan of. It's not a good enough twist because it's not too different. And this is coming from a person who is generally not a big fan of Spidey's blue and red costume.

Color wise, it's good. The paint application is clean enough and the color choice is bright and very comic colorful. Not much to complain about.

I don't need to go in detail about his articulation because we have seen it before. He is very standard to what we would expect from a Marvel Legends figure--he carries what we know and love/hate about the Pizza Spidey body mold. No alternate hands and only coming with a web line makes him less dynamic than his other Spidey counterparts.

I am not a fan of this costume and the fact that he lacks accessories makes this figure something I can't say someone should absolutely have. Of course, if one is trying to finish up their Spiderverse collection, then yes, he is a must. Also, if one is interested in finishing their Sp//dr BAF, then he comes with right leg. Other than that, he is very mediocre--maybe even below. Not much else to say.

Until Next Time!

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