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Marvel Legends Thanos BAF: Proxima Midnight

Be careful. She has blood to spare.

A Proxima Midnight Marvel Legends did not appeal to me at first. In fact, because of the line up for this wave, I wasn't interested in getting the entire wave at all. But #Thanos really sold me in his #MCU appearance. Heck I've loved Thanos before, but to see him in Infinity War was something else. The Black Order, on the other hand, did not get the spotlight that they have in the comics. But enough of that. Let's check out Proxima Midnight and see if she was worth the purchase.

I might be mistaken but I don't think she was ever called "Proxima Midnight" in Infinity War. I know Ebony Maw was addressed as "Maw" by #Thanos himself but I only recall the Mad Titan calling Proxima as 'my children'. Oh well! I do like her name. She's also not as attracting compared to her comic book counter part, but I guess with pretty ladies like Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Johansson, I suppose that's enough. Besides, it's not about the pretty gals within that movie.

She's intimidating, that much is obvious. And I'll just say it now that I do love her Cinematic appearance and it worked quite well. Makes her look more alien and menacing rather than just another pretty alien colored face.

she only comes with one accessory, which is her trademark spear. It's warped and not detailed with coloring but it has some nice sculpting. The Thanos BAF piece is definitely the biggest one so Hasbro has a gimmick of using larger BAF piece to cover up the idea that they don't want to supply extra hands and/or faces to save some funds. Understandable in some areas, but aggravating nonetheless.

Cinematic figures always get exclusive body molds, which is one thing I love about them compared to comic book figures. Proxima Midnight gets that same love with a unique body mold with (from my knowledge) little to no recycled parts. First, she's a taller compared to most female figures of Marvel Legends figures I own to date. Her unique design is of course credited to the way the Cinematic Universe made her look, but shout out to Hasbro for getting every bit of it. There are some small details that they didn't necessarily had to add but of course, it's highly appreciated. That texturing on the non armored part of her body is quite a delight--it's alien-like, and it strangely reminds me of Mass Effect's Tali'Zorah's costume; the pattern of course.

The color scheme of Proxima goes in line with her comic book version. Albeit a little more on the less vibrant comic-like scheme, still, it's recognizable. I'm going to be honest and say that at first glance (promotional shots) her colors seemed mute and not something I would even think is remotely worthy as an action figure; but after purchasing the figure, I found myself wrong. The colors work well and paired p with all the texturing and fine sculpting, I ended up really liking the design.

Definitely not the Tali. But voiced by Whoopi!

The only other color deviations from white, black/grey, and gold are midnight blue, some red, heather grey, and lighter grey, which are all carefully placed on Proxima's face. This is kind of a good take away from the consistency of her costume and it may not show the prettier visage of the comic book version of Proxima, it does give us an antagonist with a face rather than a thousand Chitauris and riders that are just throwaways. At least the Black Order kind of lasted. Though in the end, they were were kind of just thrown away, if you know what I mean.

I'll go into the articulation section by mentioning what Proxima doesn't have: ab crunch take away, no waist swivel, and no calf swivel. But surprisingly, for a female mold, she gets more bend with her elbows, which is, a shocker. I got some good poses out of her and didn't mind what was missing as much. I have some quality issue with mine with Proxima's leg joints a bit on the loose side, but it doesn't hinder everything all that much.

At the end of the day I ended up liking this Marvel Legends of Proxima Midnight. While I wasn't a big fan of the Black Order, nor did I think Proxima did anything that stellar to win me over in #Infinity_War, what I got with Hasbro was a fleshed out action figure with a lot of care and attention. This figure is definitely a big surprise and so far, my favorite. Her weapon came warped and is kind of lacking a few details, but hey, Proxima was fun to pose and I definitely appreciate her aesthetics more now that I can see the little details I didn't see in the movie. So all in all, I can recommend her to anyone who likes the Black Order in the movie. She's also a must for the Thanos #BAF, so there's that reason.

Until Next Time!

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