• Onyx

Marvel Legends Thanos BAF: Steve Rogers (Infinity War)

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I am Steve Rogers!

The last figure of the #Thanos BAF, the Marvel Legends of Steve Rogers is definitely the one I didn't care for when I saw promotional shots. I honestly don't like the costume design of Steve Rogers in #Inifity_War so my disdain for this figure may not be related to the figure itself. I get why this was his design in the movie, i Just don't like it. At any rate, let's jump right into the review.

I honestly think he was just "Steve Rogers" throughout Infinity War. The concept of Captain America was lost after Civil War and I guess we can go with the arc of the moniker Nomad. Also, just my opinion, he really seemed lacking without his star spangled shield. Steve Rogers retained his badassery in the movie, that's for sure, but without that signature shield, he just didn't seem the same.