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Marvel Legends Thanos BAF: Steve Rogers (Infinity War)

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I am Steve Rogers!

The last figure of the #Thanos BAF, the Marvel Legends of Steve Rogers is definitely the one I didn't care for when I saw promotional shots. I honestly don't like the costume design of Steve Rogers in #Inifity_War so my disdain for this figure may not be related to the figure itself. I get why this was his design in the movie, i Just don't like it. At any rate, let's jump right into the review.

I honestly think he was just "Steve Rogers" throughout Infinity War. The concept of Captain America was lost after Civil War and I guess we can go with the arc of the moniker Nomad. Also, just my opinion, he really seemed lacking without his star spangled shield. Steve Rogers retained his badassery in the movie, that's for sure, but without that signature shield, he just didn't seem the same.

And just from the promo shot this plastic iteration of Steve Rogers isn't fully accurate. His right hand is gloveless and he wore gloves on both hands in the movie. Not sure if #Hasbro didn't get that memo or something.

I think this should be the standard for accessories, at least. Though inaccurate since Steve carried two of these Wakanda shield, but it will do. Also, details are lacking on said shield, but then again, Hasbro's palette on weapons are not known for being detailed.

Again, this is not my favorite look for Steve Rogers, but as an action figure, it's not bad. Of course most of it are recycled from previous Captain America toys (the Captain America from the Thanos BAF from way back when). Details are good and I can't complain too much since there are plenty of sculpting. Again, the inaccurate take on his right hand is a bit off putting, but nothing that really takes away from this figure.

The face printing technology didn't exactly lend its superior ways this time around with Steve Rogers. I can't see the resemblance between the figure and Chris Evans. There is something off about his hair, as if it is too bright, but perhaps that could just be the result of lighting in the movie and my own. Regardless, the face is still better than the generic ones we used to get from Marvel Legends, it's just not as accurate as we are getting used to.

The coloring of this figure isn't bad at all by any means. My gripe is, of course, has everything to do with the character design for Infinity War. The paint apps are clean, the texturing and the sculpted pieces blend in well with the coloring. The face, albeit a bit off, isn't horrendous by any means, so that's also a plus. All in all, this figure does look good for what it is.

This figure was a ton of fun posing around! Steve Rogers comes with the basic articulation procedures with modern day Marvel Legends, but something about him seems more "responsive". I won't get in depth with the idea of 'modern' Marvel Legends articulation aside from all the swivels, pivot, crunch, and bend will all be present--the good and the bad from the previous iteration of this body mold carried over so no surprises.

In conclusion the figure is an easy pass for me. True, Steve Rogers was a ton of fun to get photos of, in the end, it's really not a figure I desire. Somewhat accurate to his movie iteration, those who enjoyed Steve's performance in Infinity War will appreciate what Hasbro put out and also gripe at what they didn't. Again, he holds a BAF part so in some ways, one has to get him in order to have the full set.

Until Next Time!

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