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Misc Preorder (Toy News): 2B, Vegeta, Jack, and Ghost-Spider

It's been some time since I have been seeking out toys that I would want in my collection. Sure, I preordered Bishoujo: Rogue Reborn, but that's about it. But a few came in my radar that I am more tempted now to pull the trigger than I have ever been in the past few months. Not gonna guarantee but hey, let's talk about it. And let's talk about Ghost-Spider first, shall we?

I haven't watched Across The Spider-verse and I'm not sure if I can for a while. Regardless, Gwen always is a nice touch even if she isn't my favorite Spider-Gal (we all know who it is). #Bandai is something I have dabbled into the past, of course. I am aware of their capabilities and quality.

Oh, 2B. While I don't have a whole shelf of 2B, I really should. I really love her outfit, I love her personality, and her story that surrounds her is just that damn good. I want ot watch the anime, eventually. But Thank goodness that anime came to be. Thanks to its release, we were able to get an action figure outside of Square Enix.

Another #Bandai beauty coming in the future. Definitely close to pulling to the trigger for this one, that is for sure!

This trigger is pulled and it's such a simple figurine but I want it. The "goggles" are not on the figurine and that pose is iconic to 2B. Want her, for sure.

A #POP, of course. And this time around, we got ourselves a Vegeta POP! While Piccolo and Gohan are my favorite Dragonball Z characters, there is something about Vegeta's arc that really intrigues me. Too bad he never gets the finishing blow. With that said, this POP is crucial in his 90s anime days. I need it.

Santa Jack? Well, I'm not a top tier fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I'm no hater--far from it. This looks good and I am really into Christmas POP. This trigger is pulled, for sure.

Well, that's about it. Not a huge list and I can't guarantee that that's it. But hey, let's just keep this list small for now!

Until Next Time!

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