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Nedrsync: Logan & Oscar Nomina

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I have Logan in my bluray shelf. It's unopened and call me a sinner but, I have yet to see this movie. WHAT?

The truth is, I am kind of daunted by the idea of this movie. Why? Because it seems like 'the end' of an era. Okay, so I know what happens, but I haven't seen it so it has yet to really hit home. The truth is, I'm sure it has weight behind its emotions far beyond what I can even fathom right now. But I digress.

Nerdsync posted something about Logan and it's Oscar nomination--and how it lost. I can summarize it, but I might as well let Scott Niswander take the show. Watch this video; in fact, take a gander at Nerdsync and watch some of the great videos he and his comrades produce. I'm telling you, it's worth it.

Until Next Time!

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