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Nendroid: Mercy (Overwatch)

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

It's been some time since I bought a Nendroid (more on that later). Stumbling over the Nendroid of Mercy, I couldn't help but notice just how adorable she is so me, being me, I ended up having her in my collection. Without further adieu, let's jump into the review, shall we?

The box for this Nendroid is very familiar in terms of presentation: window box, a number, a product shot, etc. Imports like Figma and Figuarts have a way fo doing things and I am not complaining.

Even the promo shots of this thing makes Mercy so darn adorable! I couldn't help but grab this figure! I wanted to review it and see how she translates as an import and as part of my collection. And I wonder if the title: "Classic Skin" means that Mercy has variants of her in #Nendroid form.

Need I keep mentioning how adorable this thing is?

A chibi action figure outdoes Marvel Legends in the accessory department, huh?

Mercy comes with more than enough accessories, something I absolutely love even more about this figure. The alternate faces are expected, but for Mercy to contain some pretty nifty and well though out swap outs for her attire is something I can definitely appreciate. She has some alternate hands: two open palms and weapon wielding ones. She comes wit her gun and staff(?) and a Nendroid figure stand. Pretty generous of #Good_Smile if you ask me.

The first face is a really happy one and I cannot help but admire those beautiful anime eyes!

Then we have the neutral smiley face. Also quite adorable.

Then there's the angry face! So cute! Again, consistency! While each face expresses different emotions, those gorgeous anime blue eyes remain consistent throughout each one.

Mercy Nendroid can't exactly stand on her own because of her chibi feet, which is why I am depending on her stand--an awesome figure stand, by the way, since it has many holes on the bottom that allows different positions to place Mercy. Moving on from the stand, the figure itself is detailed quite well. Nendroids are stylized just like #POPs, so don't expect a too much grandiose in terms of sculpting, but this Nendroid(and the previous and only other one I own) definitely out does itself despite its limitations. Mercy's costume, while simplified, is still very recognizable and fans of #Overwatch can find something to appreciate.

I am thoroughly impressed with how the wings came out and that's before the complimenting accessory is added.

The colors are accurate and they express Mercy's appearance in every bit of way despite the chibi style. While there is nothing too detailed with the way the paint job is applied, I will say that the armor, the eyes, and the accessories, get the most flare and her hair is a bit on the dull side. It does give a good balance, but I wouldn't mind some shadowing on her golden locks. But it doesn't kill the figure's adorableness.

Connect all her accessories and proper swap outs and Mercy will look like an adorable, technological, holy angel from above! I'm not entirely familiar with her back story/origin, but I feel like Mercy's contribution to the party revolves around healing and buffers. I could be completely wrong but sure looks like she can shoot, fly, and zap the living halos out of her assailants even in her Nendroid form.

There isn't a lot to say in regards to Nendroid Mercy's articulation. The head can do the basic right and left swivel, no real wiggle room for Mercy to look up and down. Her arms have swivel on the bicep, joints on her elbows, and then her wrists have swivel. She has an ab swivel and her legs are similar to her arms with the basic joints. Surprisingly, her range of movement offers more than what I would expect! Definitely a treat and I was able to have a fun time with her photo shoot.

Here is Nendroid Mercy next to my Nendroid Elsa. They are so darn adorable! I won't find myself trying hard to collect Nendroids, but I will say that having these two overly popular blondes is a good way to start.

I wasn't expecting anything spectacular from Nendroid Mercy when I initially got her from my local store. Upon my review of this action figure, I realized that she offers more than I ever imagined. Her accessories really compliments her surprisingly functional articulation, the accuracy to the character both in color and sculpting is amazing, and it's an Overwatch character! Their character designs is nothing short of intriguing. With all that said, I highly recommend Nendroid Mercy for anyone who is into Overwatch and/or is into collecting even if the figure are stylized. Suffice to say, I had a ton of fun with this one!

Until Next Time!

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